Using Tomorrows world progressed knowledge. In today’s troubled times.
See my video below. Also testimonials on video.

Immune Healing
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Healing is now available to you daily direct from my distance healing sanctuary. This type of remote healing has again been scientifically tested recently (see video and article) so I am confident that you can benefit from this wherever you are. The healing is for mind body and soul, it covers any major health concerns you may have. Specially ported remote healing is available for you daily to tune into at times convenient to you. This would normally consist of two daily ‘sessions’ of 20 minutes or alternatively one daily session of 40 minutes. Background healing also continues daily while you are registered. To join the sanctuary use the grey button above and follow the guidance for making donations. The login section on the right is only for already registered members.
Normal one to one type personal appointments, working with you over a <zoom> video link are also available, subject to availability.


<< PLEASE WATCH VIDEO.  Join me, Carol Everett, in the fight against this current world wide virus pandemic. This special absent healing program is in addition to any healing available to my Healing Sanctuary members. It’s also a complimentary background healing program available to all others who may need healing at this time. You do not have to sign up to anything, this part is free. Just print my picture off and sit quietly for twenty minutes two times a day, or once for 40 minutes. Watch the video for more information. The healing is intended to increase your immune response to the virus like immune response building. If you do catch the virus then more than likely as with many other illness I work with it will help relieve you some of the symptoms. 
Please share this with your friends and family, the more I can help the better.
Note. You DO NOT need to join the sanctuary to get immune healing support for fighting the current virus situation. This is FREE, see above. 
If you do however want to JOIN the healing sanctuary normally for a period of time or access the new virtual tomorrows world medicine’s virtual ‘antidote’ then you can also join the sanctuary using button above which allows you to donate and register.  See also Corona virus section below.  Watch out for the new video on tomorrows world medicine’s ‘virtual antidote’ methods.


You can register for the Sanctuary Healing Program using the Join Button above, if you specifically want to be part of the healing program. If registering we ask that you specify a monthly donation to be part of remaining on the program. This can be cancelled at anytime should you no longer need or wish to be part of the healing program. If you have an extremely low income and can not afford a monthly donation due to your actual circumstances, please contact us directly for consideration for alternative registration.

The Healing Sanctuary operates 24/7 and you can actually tune in at any time. The registered times are kept in the sanctuary for  increased potential at those times, time differences are automatically applied. It’s completely separate to the older Monday evening absent healing program from which many of you will have had benefits previously. The previous Monday healing program has produced many good results over two decades or more.  By just using lower background healing levels, it has produced many positive healing examples. The new Sanctuary healing is more directed, a collection of healing energies unique to your specific needs and powered from The Healing Sanctuary energy porthole.
Pure healing energies are sent out to you not only to help with any illness you are concerned with right now and mention but is much more towards renewed well being. It is designed to help repair and rebuild the many lost neural network connections lost to us over time, such as losing the ability to increase your own immune system and natural defenses in times of health crisis. As the sanctuary healing is extremely beneficial in many other respects of your life and karma there are also elements of the anti-ageing maintenance process enabled which help your body and mind maintain your health to a much greater extent.

Love Carol

Corona Virus

Sanctuary members and Corona Virus (covid-19). I’m pleased to let you know Healing Sanctuary members can access my virtual energy ‘healing antidote’ formulated from tomorrows world medicine. It is available on request to Sanctuary members from 28th March 2020 if you want join in special energy healing for helping combat the virus. It is designed to help you with the latest covid-19 virus spreading in most parts of the world, infecting people who it neither discriminates against or cares.
How do you harness this healing method.?  In the absence of actual physical immunity gained by vaccine, working positively with healing and tomorrows world medicine’s  ‘virtual antidote’ can only help you, with nothing to loose.
Method ; Just lay down or  sit if more comfortable, slow down your breathing as if you were going to sleep, say your name, date of birth in your mind and ask for your ‘medicine’. This does not mean you don’t have to abide by the rules of social distancing and isolation,  or any guidelines laid down by governments. Pick a time of day when you will be relaxed for half an hour to forty minutes. Always remember to say thank you to the energies. I am thinking of you all at this difficult time. Warmest Regards Carol x

Kelly: Healing for Conception. Without Carol my daughter would certainly not be here.
Kelly: Carol has also helped my other family members with her tomorrows world healing.

Carol’s healing direct healing work helped me conceive. After more than a year of frustration, failed fertility treatments and doctors always saying it would be very unlikely for me to get pregnant due to  related health problems.  Carol prefers doctors agreeing with her work  I’m now also an absent healing sanctuary member.

My mum has serious joint pain problems prior to Carol working with her, she is now pain free. My brother has serious auto immune problems and prior to healing with carol almost bed ridden. Since then, Carol has changed his life completely. They are also healing sanctuary members to help maintain healing.

Kelley. ‘brilliant.cant wait to get started on tomorrows world antiageing programme.xx’
Carol. ‘I’m pleased to be starting  my anti-ageing healing on kelly with tomorrows world healing methods. Watch this space. Kelly and her family have been loving warm patient open and have worked with the healing. That makes a big difference. carol everett.