A number of appointments are currently available exclusively to sanctuary members. Health assessment, treatment or healing booster. Good to also enhance any sanctuary healing. nb. Fees apply for direct one to one, schedules by prior arrangement.

Anti Ageing appointments also now available
Initially please contact pa2caroleverett@outlook.com

Coming soon. healing groups by zoom video link for sanctuary members. 

Check  here for link to members area when these are available, dates etc.

Using Tomorrows world progressed knowledge. In today’s troubled times.
See my video below. Also sample testimonials on ‘selfie’ video.
My current outside the sanctuary information is at www.caroleverett.com

Immune Healing
 Info Video


Healing is now available to you daily direct from my distance healing sanctuary. This type of remote healing has again been scientifically tested recently (see video and article) so I am confident that you can benefit from this wherever you are. The healing is for mind body and soul, it covers any major health concerns you may have. Specially ported remote healing is available for you daily to tune into at times convenient to you. This would normally consist of two daily ‘sessions’ of 20 minutes or alternatively one daily session of 40 minutes. Background healing also continues daily while you are registered. To join the sanctuary use the grey button above and follow the guidance for making donations. The login section on the right is only for already registered members.
Normal one to one type personal appointments, working with you over a <zoom> video link are also available, subject to availability.

 << Please see video. 

IMMUNE SYSTEM BUILDING AND NEW MODERN DAY ILLNESSES The Healing Sanctuary as always is there to help

Join me, Carol Everett, in the fight against current day viral problems. This special absent healing program is in addition to any healing always available to my Healing Sanctuary members. It’s also a complimentary background healing program available to all others who may need additional healing at this particular time. You do not have to sign up to anything, this part is FREE. Just print my picture off and sit quietly for twenty minutes two times a day, or once for 40 minutes. Watch the video for more information. The healing is intended simply to help increase your immune response to any particular virus using healing for  ‘virtual’ immune response building. If you do catch a virus or similar then more than likely as with many other illness I work with I may possibly be able to help relieve symptoms experienced, as I have in the past. 
FYI Over the past 20 years I have been scientifically and lab tested over and over again. Shown multiple times on TV worldwide. Even recently the effects of energy healing and how the virtual programming of blood and immune system response at a distance of 6000 miles distance to prove it works with healing was carried out. The findings published. Tests verified using sophisticated test equipment, checked and analysed by scientists, professors and doctors. It is not something new, my healing has helped people for many years. But do see the testimonials page which just shows a very small sample of decades of similar feedback. 
Please share this with your friends and family, the more I can perhaps help the better.
Note. You DO NOT need to join the healing sanctuary to get basic immune healing support for help fighting virus situations, including corona. If your immune system can be boosted in any way it can only help produce antibodies quicker if exposed. You need to assist your immune system to work for you. This is basically FREE, see above. If you do however want to JOIN the healing sanctuary normally for a period of time and donate then you can also access the new virtual tomorrows world medicine’s ‘antidote’ to personal illnesses. You can register or  join the sanctuary using button above which allows you to donate and register. You still get registered but will only show as active on a donation payment being made. Non active names are removed after 30 days. and cannot access members sections. See also details below.  Watch out for the new video on tomorrows world medicine’s ‘virtual antidote’ methods.


You can register for the Sanctuary Healing Program using the Join Button above, specifically if you want to be part of the actual healing program. If registering we ask that you specify a monthly donation to be part of remaining on the ordinary program. This can be cancelled at anytime should you no longer need or wish to be part of the Sanctuary healing program. If you have an extremely low income and can not afford a monthly donation due to your actual circumstances, please contact us directly for consideration for alternative active registration.

The Healing Sanctuary operates 24/7 and you can actually tune in at any time. The registered times are also kept in the sanctuary for  increased potential at those times, time differences are automatically applied. It’s completely separate to the older Monday evening absent healing program from which many of you will previously had benefits over the last 20 years. The old Monday healing program has produced many good results over two decades or more just using lower background healing levels. It has produced many positive attested healing examples. The new Sanctuary healing is more directed, a collection of healing energies unique to your specific needs and powered from The Healing Sanctuary energy porthole.
Pure healing energies are sent out to you not only to help with any illness you are concerned with right now and mention but is much more towards renewed well being. It is designed to help repair and rebuild the many lost neural network connections lost to us over time, such as losing the ability to increase your own immune system and natural defences in times of health crisis. As the sanctuary healing is extremely beneficial in many other respects of your life and karma there are also elements of the anti-ageing maintenance process enabled which help your body and mind maintain your health to a much greater extent.

Love Carol

Here’s  more help on what to do when you are working with the healing sanctuary sessions. I hope it answers some of your questions. Also if you are worried about the virus use the healing to help  your immune system deal with potential infection. Many people get over the virus even in hospital. Many have had it and don’t even know they have had it.  But they now have the important antibodies gained from beating the virus. No matter how small an infection antibodies are formed.  Some people  may have no idea from where it was initially contracted.  So do everything you can to build your immune system to HELP fight any other viral possibilities coming your way.. Carol.

Carol.  I can explain what to do and how to use the sanctuary healing to work with the immune system using my virtual corona virus corvid 19 directed healing. It works for you through the sanctuary as an immune building antidote.
Nb. No were not saying a cure. But a new world healing help to fight any new infection incoming until a vaccine is available. When, well we don’t know when. So we will work towards a goal in the meantime stick to ALL the social distancing rules etc. With many of my past success cases in other things over many years some people say ‘co-incidence’, but its a bit odd how the same isolated  coincidences happen  just after healing and not before.

Heidi’s own story

This is how I met Carol

Heidi’s story of healing need from America.

The start of her own family and the complications she experienced.

Heidi’s conception ‘miracle’

Heidi’s frustrating battle with her own pregnancies,  finally overcome with dedicated healing from  Carol’s healing sanctuary. 

About her experiences the virtual antidote Carol is working with to increase immune response to the corona virus and what healing with tomorrows world medicine through the sanctuary  has done for both her and her family.

Carol Everett @ 70
Soon starting up. Exclusive special Anti-ageing healing groups using new world techniques developed to help you stay younger overall in mind, body and soul. If interested, then please send an info request email to  everettehc@gmail.com
Include in the subject line, (no arrows), We will be using many scientifically proven techniques, new intuitive derived solutions and methods effective at a distance. 

Carol Everett @ 70 yrs

New Age V Health Problems*

Sanctuary members  .  I’m letting you know that Healing Sanctuary members can access my virtual energy ‘healing antidotes’ formulated from tomorrows world medicine. It is available on request to Sanctuary members from 1 April 2020 if you want join in special energy healing for helping to build up the immune system to fight old and current illnesses including some viral problems. It is designed to help you with many health problems. In many past cases healing and tomorrows developing medicine has worked (documented) when conventional methods have already failed to locate or treat health problems.

How do you harness this healing method.?  In the absence of actual physical immunity gained by vaccine or treatment, especially in for viral defenses. Or your own immune system beats it naturally. In not so serious case of a viruses that don’t kill, or don’t kill so many it causes panic, you produce normal anti bodies and become immune from that particular virus. The infection ‘curve’ comes down until the next different variation strikes and a new infection starts. Working positively with healing and tomorrows world medicine’s  ‘virtual antidotes’ can only help you, with nothing to loose. It’s not a cure, it’s not a vaccine replacement. If you produce antibodies at some time then great. But as with ANY virus situation keep away from other people and follow all the guidelines rules etc. 
Method, Just lay down quietly or sit if more comfortable, slow down your breathing as if you were going to sleep, say your name, date of birth in your mind and ask for your ‘healing answer’. Pick a time of day when you will be relaxed for half an hour to forty minutes. Always remember to say thank you to the energies. I am thinking of you all at this difficult time. This does not mean you can use it as an alternative to doctors or your healthcare professionals, it is just additional help.  Only you can determine the results yourself in any illness. Warmest Regards Carol x
ps. edited to remove some currently disallowed references.

TERRIBLE SCARING OF A LEG BURN VICTIM. Considered un-treatable here are Results of blood based eprp healing, assisted and monitored by doctor throughout this unique treatment.
Having known Carol for many years & trusting her work, when my friend told me that she had badly burnt her leg, it was Carol I knew she had to see.

Carol had worked on my skin at Dr Deperdu”s clinic many times. So I spoke to him about doing an assessed set of treatments with Carol on my friend Birgitta. He agreed to take thermal images of her leg before & after, over the course of a month.

We took blood out of Birgitta, (just a few ml) and span it to collect the platelet rich plasma. Carol then healed the PRP & Dr Deperdu injected the healed PRP back into Birgitta’s leg. It was injected all over the burn, which understandably could have been quite painful. But Carol took as much pain out of this process & continued to heal the burn. I think from memory we did this three times in the first week then once a week for a month. Then just healing every month for three months.

Burns are not only visible but you can feel them as they corrugate the skin.

As well as Dr Deperdu’s thermal images I took picture as its easier to check for improvements.

Birgitta’s leg just kept getting better & better fading with each treatment from Carol. It was simply one of the most amazing transformations I have seen.

Birgitta’s leg not only lost its terrible redness, but the skin relaxed & lost all the corrugation typical to a burn.

Birgitta was totally delighted, she could go back to wearing shorts without any feeling of self consciousness. Her leg is also smooth to the touch.

Dr Deperdu was amazed, he always liked Carol’s work, but couldn’t understand what an incredible result she achieved. Doctors always want to know how something has happened & with Carol, well she’s years ahead of them all.

Miracles can happen, but especially when having healing with our wonderful gifted Carol.

Thank you my extremely talented friend.


See the newer video testimonials and healing experiences below. There is much more content as we can process videos and written descriptions of Sanctuary healing using tomorrows world medicine. The videos here are replaced and will overflow to the testimonial page. Please use the menu link, at top of page.

Tony had healing from Carol few years ago, he had bladder problems. At the time this problem found some relief  quite long term from healing. Prior to that the hospital said an operation would be too complicated and probably cause even more long term problems. At the time five healing sessions had  helped but after some lifestyle disruptions the problem has now partially returned. Tony is working regularly just with the healing sanctuary at this time (apr 2020) and we will see what healing results occur.  PART 2 Describes post healing results over a time, remember doctors said nothing could be done. We are pleased new world medicine could help.

Tony.L Pt 1


Tony.L Pt2

Kim Pt1

Kim Pt2

Kim's Home course and ballet classes. See Below

Kim Mendez, is a practitioner based in London, much of her time is spent working at a number of top end hospitals there. Kim specialises in Chinese medicine, acupuncture and reflexology and much more. Having gaining the majority of her specialist training in China. She mentions how she met Carol many years ago during what she calls the hale clinic period. Patients she knew Carol had worked on reported back to her with very positive results. Kim tells of specific healing instances Carol worked on with her unique healing techniques.  She also describes help at times Carol has given to her personally.
Coming up. One earlier case was receiving distance healing over 6000 miles away from carol who was in the USA. The patient was gravely ill in a London hospital, not expected to survive the night. The family had distances to travel, they had arranged both a tomorrows medicine healing session with Carol, through Kim and apparently requested a priest for last rights. As soon as the healing session started, as also witnessed by a relative, the machines she was connected to went haywire, readings all over the place. Doctors were called as she had also woken up from an almost comatose state. Nobody could understand what was happening. She was not saved,  it was just too late, but against every single expectation she kept going 2 more days or so while the family could get to her to say goodbye. The family already there said he realised he had witnessed some kind of highly extraordinary and unexplained phenomena,  during Carols healing. 

Kim's home fitness routines in your home, by zoom link, details below. I'm doing these too, love Carol.

Kim Mendez

Kim’s intro to part of the anti ageing program. Home ballet class & toning exercises at home.

Kim is a professional ballet dancer and alternative medical consultant working in prominent London hospitals. She has many years experience of medical and health issues, she has also worked with me on a number of complex patients at certain times both past and present.  I’m following Kims tone up classes myself during lockdown. Kim is alo an accomplished ballet dancer who also appears in many famous London big event ballet productions but she promises to make our anti-aging tone up moves a bit easier to do.  Kim’s mobile number if you are interested in the classes is +447590509219,  best to whatsapp  initially or email to shentihao@aol.com . Kim will provide timetables of courses done at home by zoom video link and details of registering, only low affordable course  fees apply, you can easily pay by paypal

Lisa T Stuck in a 10 month coma, a while back, after blunt force trauma care of her boyfriend and a brick. Lisa responds after tomorrows world healing in just one to two week and then continued to improve.

Note. Video takes few seconds to start.
Lisa Taylor, stuck in a coma for 10 months, after being nearly killed by her boyfriend. She was wailing like being stuck in a nightmare,  day and night. anyone visiting the unit could hear. Lisa’s doctors said she was just one step away from being a vegetable. After a few tomorrows world healing sessions she started to respond.  This is her mums take on what happened. This follow up story will include interview with parents, comments from eye specialist who said she was blind, a speech therapist surprised at her increased  reactions, from zero. And comments from the hospitals admin  in ‘panic’ that the press would  pick up that a healer in just two weeks had achieved more than qa year in hospital. Lisa improved greatly over the next few months, sitting reading magazines, tv etc. Not back to normal, but doing exceptionally well.

Corona Virus,
a very near fatal case.


Unexpected Recovery
from Corvid 19


Ros and George’s friend, Graham, in a London hospital, recently (april 2020) a victim of corona virus, Covid-19. Their comments are in the videos. Grahams latest new world medicine – pre-healing news was that there was no hope being given for him, was he was so far gone, almost in a coma, he was not responding to any treatment at all and going downhill very rapidly. Since receiving tomorrows world medicine (twm) healing from Carol according to Ros and George he immediately started to respond to treatment and where there was no hope at all, now there is hope with healing and whatever the hospital is doing. We will keep you posted of the outcome.

Latest reports are that after tomorrows world medicine  healing Graham is now out of icu and responding well while others alongside him with corona still remain in icu at this time.

NEWS.. Graham is home, he recovered enough to leave hospital on 28thApril2020 is now recovering very well. Thank you for watching!

Dear Carol
Ros has kindly provided me your number and has sent me videos of your work. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help in bringing me back to life. My daughter told me that the day after you worked on me that I started to get noticeably better. As you may be ware I was a long time in a coma and the diagnosis was not go. However I have made a speedy recovery both inside the hospital and outside. The physios and doctors were all surprised by my return to health. Ros and George have been wonderful and for them to contact you has shown me what wonderful people they are too. Thanks again for everything and maybe one day we can meet in person so I can convey my thanks face to face.
Kind regards

Mindi Pt1

Mindi Pt2

Mindi Kane.  Reflects on how she met Carol and many instances where she has sought energy healing help, sometimes urgently. Her intertwined complicated medical conditions have caused fairly serious problems over many years.  Mindi has always been open minded and receptive to energy healing. One of the reasons that healing and tomorrows medicine works so effectively for her when conventional methods were found unable to cope with her mixed health problems. 
Mindi is a personal and group c
ounselor to both adults and young people. Working also as a Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner. you can find her at  www.canitalkabout.me.  Mindi. Also Speaks about Carols healing work on her mother.

Lindas Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Linda’s  tomorow’s world medicine  short video 1 and 2. weight loss with healing for stretch related flabby skin

Linda’s tomorow’s world medicine short video 3 and 4. weight loss with healing for stretch related skin as previous.

Carol comment. We started the weight loss program on 20th march 2020. The first bruise appeared on 25th mar then another one today, 9th apr. This was resulting from me tightening up Linda’s skin so as the weight comes off she won’t have all the extra skin hanging down. I use the tomorrows world healing medicine and the power of mind and higher energies at distances. This time, from Spain to Bournemouth UK. Carol

See more ‘selfie’ videos being added to the testimonials link here or on Menu page.

Sanctuary International predictions 
17th May 2020

Carol Everett sanctuary predictions. Please note, my predictions are not set in stone, the behaviour of individuals and situations as in life, can lead to a completely different outcome, with intervention. Without intervention there are other possible futures. This is a far reaching vision that is strong, not intended to scare people..

When I sit in the sanctuary meditating, I get messages. Writing on the wall. I scroll down and I just read it as it comes. It doesn’t tend to have full stops, so I have to sense when one message ends and another one begins.

I received this message three weeks ago I wasn’t going to put it out there, because it seemed negative. What I have learnt though, if you know the enemy and what is coming at you then forewarned is forearmed.

There are problems brewing between Russia, China, and Korea, that will affect America, which will then bring in England, eventually. America, New York especially, will have a big crash in economy, stocks, shares and properties.

There will be Nuclear bombs, a big retaliation coming from Russia; Power grabbing taking advantage of economic situation.

Russia is hiding stuff, things coming out will frighten people more than the pandemic, taking over from the corona virus. So, Russia will definitely put a spanner in the works!

Looks like initially it starts off with Russia, China, and North Korea, with a death/end of rein of a high leader.

My feeling is that there will be more ‘off world’ information coming in, proving more and more that there is another dimension that is more closely entwined with us. Over the years, I have had messages which I believed to be from another dimension, that we would call an Alien planet.  Messages come from different dimensions ,depending on what there contents are about and what knowledge I need to receive.

CORONA VIRUS. ? . Ten years ago, on 30 nov 1010,  I relayed a message for a friend on tape, that I had been received in a dream four years earlier around 1996. It was a message saying that people would be walking around with masks on, afraid to breathe. People would be shut inside. Having to have oxygen to breathe.  It looked like people were behind fences, like small places set up, where people were  shutting themselves in away from what was happening outside.  It looked really stressful and chaotic. This was recorded and heard by other people at the time. Could this have been about the corvid-19 corona virus. It is usually big life changing situations  that are seen.

Other dreams and messages have all been about another planet getting nearer.  Telepathically connected to people like me. These dreams go back over twenty yrs now. At the time in the dreams all world leader were getting together talking about this. I didn’t want to get involved I was hiding in my dream behind a wall. Then I heard a voice in my head say you cant hide we can hear you,  thinking you are one of us. Needless to say I kept this to myself for  over twenty yrs, maybe more. Well I don’t care now I am telling the vision as it happened. You can tell half a story, either tell it all or leave it alone

The latest information from this source is that there will be evidence to prove that there is a direct link from Mars.  Plus a tunnel inside from one to another, inside the moon. Through worm holes. Several years ago, I was asked to work with a scientist called Ron Pearson, Rory Duff a mutual friend of us both, set this meeting up in Bristol.

Ron, who has since died, was writing a book. One of the things he was writing about was gravity. He was stuck with this and asked me to get information from a higher source to help him. Why am I mentioning it now? Well, this was the first time I came across the term worm holes, and the black hole personally. Anyway, the help I gave him he later confirmed helped him. I said he had  his maths wrong and pointed to the area where. He wasn’t too happy with me at the time, because he said the ‘source’ was saying his information was wrong. He said I was saying Stephen Hawkins was right, I said  I am  just answering your questions.

I said, ‘With all due respect, 

1) If your information were right, you wouldn’t need me and 

2) Your machine proving gravity would work. Filming was stopped. We have this footage of the meeting and this will shortly be put on the website.

All my work and research seems to be coming together.  Gravity and the place of no time where I go with my mind is now very much a part of my anti ageing and tomorrows world medicine.

I said to Ron that when you understand the information that was given get back to me, then maybe we can continue. Rory was smiling in the background. He knew my work more than Ron from first hand experience. The moral of the story is, I’ve learnt to just say it as it comes. Then wait.

What can we do?

Ask for help on a higher level away from the earth plane.  A higher intervention with positive intervention. We need to start to lift the positive vibrations up, away from the earth’s plane.  

We need to do Meditation, having daily positive thoughts to bring help from another source. It sounds weak but it really isn’t!. I know this has started already in big meditation groups all over the world!

Will we get through this? Yes. but it will take a while. It will be the start of the new world. Sorting out the ‘chaff from the wheat.’

Check out Rory Duff website from a different viewpoint, meditating at certain key points in the world.                 




Follow up


For many years I helped people with answers and guidance Sometimes with children. What is their best career to follow. Parents who have listened to this advice have found instead of trying to push a child into something that isn’t good for them they have had a much better outcome. By listening to the advice of a higher energy.  It is the actual path the person takes, decisions made and how they react to information they are given that determines the final outcome. A situation path can be changed completely by a persons behaviour in relationships in all aspects of life. This  latest vision is just a wider example world wide that our behaviour  can determine different outcomes from a situation that is already there. Mass healing, positive thoughts can change a lot of things. Prayer,  meditation, which ever words you want to use start doing it now it cant hurt.

 With the virus

 Sitting with my picture and asking for help from the sanctuary, for tomorrows world medicine. Also following the guidelines you are given by the government cant  hurt can it. So why not. This is something positive you can do now, today and everyday.



 Carol Everett copyright 17.5.2020

email to –  caroleveretthealingsanctuary@outlook.com