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Quick Start.. Click here to register with the healing sanctuary and then continue to join the actual sanctuary as an active member for any specific healing you need. The sanctuary healing is not like direct one to one contact, it is remote energy for your own healing journey, it’s available wherever you are at any distance anytime. It’s also been peer tested many times too so you can also fact check results. Basically it is a source of virtual highly directed healing energy that is available to anyone signed up and active on the register. It’s not like a one2one arranged appointment for specific healing sometimes available on a case by case very limited basis. But it is proven still to be highly effective. Individual programs are usually only offered where the isolation of health answers to root causes are very difficult or appear impossible to obtain normally. Then by special arrangement only for sanctuary members if available. This can be combined on request with anti ageing healing too. Active sanctuary members always get powerful absent background healing 24/7 plus an additional 40 mins a day of concentrated healing. This can be taken at any self chosen convenient times.


Active members are able to draw healing energies from the sanctuary source, it’s activated from direct inclusion on the active ‘list’. The healing sanctuary itself is like a store of healing energy that members can access when they need it. Imagine the sanctuary like a healing energy battery, that I work with regularly through the day to recharge through the connected healing energy ‘porthole’ linked into the higher energies.  This is so I can ensure the energies are always available for you to access personally on demand.  The information on this site is only for the basic information you need. I don’t need to hold  your hand constantly, is really is not needed to ensure you get the healing energy you need.

Much of the healing  you get is designed to help you use and to boost your own immune systems to help with healing yourself. The site is updated whenever possible with new extract examples of distance healing etc. There are many many such stories of examples and actual testimonials from very varied people showing the effectiveness of using distance healing, from the healing sanctuary. Details of my own scientific testing with long distance healing from the sanctuary and its effects when directed to other countries are shown too. More info on other pages. Good luck and love with your healing journey… Carol

ps. check out the separate monthly place of no time zoom meetings, for new world intuitive insight, intensive meditation and group guided healing.

Recent Video. Interview in USA for 2024, for

'Women Beyond the Table'

 Latest testimonial, from France


Listen, all Carol followers.

I had to have a Diagnostic hysteroscopy to look into my Uterus. I am spotting each three to four weeks & my gynaecologist wanted to rule out a cyst. Carol gave me one of her latest healing techniques & after said she thought I had a very small polyp & saw a different or darker area in my uterus. Nothing serious but needed to be looked at. After my procedure the doctor explained that I had a slight thickening of a small area of my uterus & the beginning of a 3mm polyp. She took a biopsy, & said, that there was nothing to worry about & that my gynaecologist would advise me.
I just couldn’t believe it! Practically word for word what Carol had said to me. I told the hospital doctor what Carol had said. She was fascinated & said that lady has a real gift! Our very own human scanner!! Love you Carol. 

MONTHLY ZOOM MEETINGS for Meditation and Healing, 'The Place of no Time'

Have more direct hi energy healing in small groups by joining the Meditation and healing monthly zoom group. Registration is possible by clicking the 'place of no time' menu button above. Last thursday each month (always via button on menu at top of the page).
The healing and intuitive direct meetings have generated positive feedback. Note that while you are joining the zoom meeting 'live' you are constantly receiving direct energy healing during that time. It's not the same as looking at anything that may go on you tube at odd times. Some may want one to one healing work but much healing can be be gained from the meetings.

Information is available on the 'place of no time' meeting registration page, access from menu button above. Healing sanctuary intuitive healing meetings now be monthly. New Dates published a week following last meeting. But watch this space. Meeting registrations form makes it simple, it ALSO sends your zoom link direct to you by email, so also check junk mail if you do not see it.
Healing sanctuary members always have priority.

* Information and how to join The Healing Sanctuary is available lower down this page if you need to join in with daily healing from inside the healing sanctuary program. You are most welcome.

Latest Testimonials and stories, may partially have moved to separate dedicated page

Jay, stroke in his eye, now a  sanctuary member

One morning a few weeks ago, I woke up and I couldn’t see clearly out of my left eye. At first I thought it was a migrane as I have suffered from migranes for years and they can often affect my eyes but on this day it felt much more intense than my usual migranes. Instead of my eye calming down and returning back to its normal state, it continued to become increasingly blurry and as the morning turned into early afternoon, I started to experience what can only be described as tiny pin holes in my sight. There seemed to be many small gaps that had been scattered about my field of vision that I was starting to become really worried about. At the same time I was also experiencing flashes of light and strange fogging in the eye as well as a feeling of being light headed. As it became increasingly difficult to see out of my left eye, I decided to visit the hospital and I had a number of tests conducted to try and identify the cause of my condition.

On that same day, my partner contacted Carol to ask if there was any possibility of receiving some healing for my eye and luckily enough she was able to offer her support. Carol explained to my partner what was going on with my health even before I reached the hospital, she said “I think, Jay has a cyst that is trying to drain behind the eye, more in the middle behind the nose, at the top behind the nasal passages. It’s fluid effecting the retina, causing restricted blood flow. It’s a bit like an eye type stroke”.Carol was able to offer up this incredible Medical Intuitive Information even before any medical diagnosis had been made by the Doctors. The Medics were totally confused as to the cause of the problem, I was told something appeared to be causing a blockage in the eye but they would need to conduct ongoing tests to try and figure out what was causing this condition, they were baffled.
Luckily enough, I was able to arrange for some of Carol’s higher energy healing to be sent to my eye. I was placed into a machine within her healing sanctuary that is able to administer tomorrow’s world medicine from the future and I could tell The healing was working pretty quickly because in no time at all the flashes of light, light headedness and the fogginess in my vision had all gone, these symptoms dissapeared and have not returned since.

In the last few days I have attended the Hospital yet again for my latest test results and been told that I have the all clear!!!!!!!!!!! The Doctors could find nothing that was any cause for concern and believe my symptoms were caused by Vascular Tortuosity (thickening of the blood) as well as Retinal Artery Occlusion (stroke of the eye) that was caused by either a blood clot or something that was causing restricted blood flow. When the Doctors and Specialists at the Hospital had no idea what was going on, Carol was able to provide the answer right from the beginning. Carol’s higher energy healing was also able to treat and heal my eye condition without any medical treatments being required at all!!!!!!!!!! Carol Everett and her amazing higher energy frequencies are quite literally out of this world.
Thank You so much, Carol, I am so incredibly grateful for the healing energies I received. I would have been in a lot of trouble without you.

Danny brain abnormal ‘growth’.

Hi thank you to carol everett healer,
Carol diagnosed a lump in my brain and advised a scan, which showed a 6 mm growth, it wasnt advised to operate because of where it was, I was told to have a regular scan to see if it got any bigger, meanwhile I turned to Carol again to  receive healings from her sanctuary.  A friend and I also sat in her healing sanctuary remotely, when I could. Recently I had a other scan, though inside I did think carols healing had changed things, carol said to be sure to keep up with regular scans check up it was reduced to 3mm, the doctors couldnt explain why, I asked, there was no explanation from them, thank you twice from seeing it originally to healing it, I shall continue to sit remotely in Carols sanctuary, she has helped my friends and relatives too, I have scans before and after. Pictures to follow…

Ann’s Healing Testimonial.

Over the last few years I have been receiving medical attention for a condition known as Occular Hypertension (pressure in the eyeballs) if left untreated it can turn into Glaucoma so I have been regular monitored to avoid developing this condition. I was also diagnosed with signs of early Cataracts and was informed that they would need to be removed sometime in the near future.

So recently I booked onto one of Carol’s monthly meetings where you can recieve tomorrow’s world healing medicine as well as some incredible channelled messages from the higher energies that Carol works very closely with. I was unable to attend the actual Zoom video call on the evening of the event but was lucky enough to receive some absent healing instead. I remember feeling very relaxed and had a wonderful deep and restful sleep that night.

Several days later I attended my regular appointment at the Hospital to have my eyes tested and after the test was completed, the Doctor looked confused and asked if she could could check again which I agreed to but felt a little concerned as I thought there was a problem. After the second test, she asked again if she could perform a final check, just to make sure she had recorded the most accurate reading and afterwards I was informed by a rather bamboozled looking Doctor that I now had two perfectly healthy eyes and there would be no need for me to return for my regular appointments in future. There was also no further mention of Cataracts, in fact my eyes have now been given a completely clean bill of health and all of these amazing results occurred after receiving absent higher energy healing from Carol. It’s safe to say that I am overjoyed by the healing I received. Thank You Carol, you are an absolute God send.


It was just a few weeks ago I went to York with some friends -a sort of weekend away!
It came to the Monday and my friends had returned to London so I thought I’d have another look around York. I thought I’d go on a Hop on Hop off bus and see the city.
Well I went to buy my ticket and the bus ticket conductor said I have to ask any concessions but I can see none here -I said well actually yes I am over sixty -he said I don’t believe you. He then went on to give me the ticket but when I looked it was for a student !

I said but this is wrong -he said I want to give you the concession but you’re more the other end so I have given you a student ticket!

Gosh that made my day -I sailed around York chuckling to myself and in my mind saying.. ‘Thank you Carol!!’.

Thank you Carol
Kim (Mendez)

Growth on dog eliminated with tomorrows world medicine at a distance, after on left and before on right. story below.

Hi Carol can you see it’s completely gone 

Here is before picture showing the growth. !

Pictures of dogs strange growth shown above, here is the story.

It’s a weekend morning and  sanctuary member Denise writes the following…  picture sent. “ Hello Carol I hope all good with you ? I wanted to ask if you would put little Devi in the sanctuary? She has a black mark on her skin and they will operate tomorrow at around 8.15 am in Uk’ .. The dog had been seen by the vet and he had said it needed operating on to remove it. So we arranged to put on one of the tomorrows world healing patches, they are available exclusively only to sanctuary members and are used remotely for many things.  Next day we get the following. “Thanks Carol please leave patch on ! John said he looked this morning and noticed it was dropping off . I’m in India so I can only go on what John. says xx. I could feel something was happening so I re energised the patch. Next day we get the following and a photo of what had happened. “Hi Carol the vet was amazed and operation cancelled ! Will send you photos . He said to put some cream on and watch it xxx”. However it was obviously already gone and no visible marks were left, the cream was used anyway to be sure but nothing changed as the healing patch, using tomorrows world med had already worked. Nb its not always that fast as that, often slower, it depends on what is going on in each case, but healing had done its job here and we are now sharing with you all.
Nb. Tomorrows world medicine bag is now avaiable, but only as an option for sanctuary members, pls write in for details of remote healing patches and treatments.

 Use button …. ‘Place of no time’ (zoom) …. on MENU above
Register via, Place of no Time Menu Above- zoom
2 x Short videos below
1 Reaction to last zoom meetings. 2 Pre 26 Jan healing intuition seminar and latest healing stories

SANCTUARY  CONFIRMED IN SPECIAL EARTH’S LayLine ENERGY LOCATION..  (this will have its own page later). I have known Carol since 1998 where I met her at the earlier healing sanctuary in Crediton, Devon in the UK. At that time, I discovered that the well-known St. Mary Earth Energy line ran right through the centre of her healing room. The St. Mary energy line is part of a pair with the St Michael line and they make up the type 4 St. Michael alignment that runs across the Southern part of the UK from Cornwall to East Anglia.
These Earth energy lines appear to be linear high-pressure zones of ultra-low frequency vibrations that emanate from the Earth’s inner core. Their ultra-low frequency gives them a much greater connection to source consciousness and, where these lines intersect each other on the surface we find both ancient and modern places of prayer and meditation.
These energy line intersections are known as sacred sites in cultures all around the World. These are places where meditation and prayer can manifest much more successful outcomes – if someone is adept enough to do this. Carol was somehow drawn to this location in Devon because of the exceptionally strong energies running through the place.
When Carol moved the sanctuary over to Spain, she told me that she had suddenly experienced even more powerful energies. When I visited her in 2012, I discovered again why she had been drawn to relocate such a long way from the UK. She had somehow found a location that was now on one of the very few Emperor Dragon type 5 lines. Back then there were only three pairs running around the World and these, with their even lower frequencies, were even more powerful than the type 4 lines. That year the lines were only around 60meters in width and the type 4 lines were around 30meters in width.
In 2017, energetically everything changed with the advent of three new pairs of Emperor Dragons. This had the effect of doubling the width of all the energy lines on the Earth and increasing their power further. Carol’s sanctuary, where she does her meditations and her healing work, now sat in an even more powerful position. These energies are known to teach us and to help develop us in ways that we need to. Just by meditating in her Sanctuary, Carol’s already considerable skills were being enhanced even further.
Having visited her a few times in Spain, I have discovered that her Sanctuary has since attracted pairs of smaller energy lines – pairs of type 3, 2 and 1 lines and now a small node existed within the larger Emperor Dragon. This type 5 line in 2022, along with the other in the World, has now increased its width to over 1500meters.
Finding a small node inside an Emperor Dragon is not unique but it is certainly very rare and I know of nowhere else in the World where one exists that also has a healing sanctuary on it.
The opportunity to go on to do some even more significant energy work helping others is now well within Carol’s potential. I suspect that, with the increasing energies that this planet is currently experiencing as our solar system nears the galactic current sheet, this potential will continue to expand.
Rory Duff ©Dec 2022

Hilary update below soon. aug 2023..

Healing Hilary, a Tomorrows World Medicine healing story. Plus below Hilary abducted by foreign father taking her overseas, police praise carols vital info leading to police rescue and court case. NEW. Sep 2023. Hilary now in school !!!!

HILLARY’S STORY. The video above is the story of a young girl.  Hillary has a genetic medical condition called RETTS syndrome, which is currently considered both irreversible and incurable. (google it). This video is the initial part of her very noticeable recent progress. Resulting from healing using tomorrows world medicine alone. No other treatments are available to doctors for this condition. Retts syndrome is a genetic disorder for which there is no current conventional medical answer. Hilary is now over 2 years old. RETTS syndrome presents itself when approaching 2 years old which it did in Hillary’s case. It then gets more serious and progressively degenerative from there on. Hilary had club feet, hands as well, and showed little or no motor skills. BUT. Hilary’s condition has now been considerably  reversed by what appears to be from tomorrows world healing. Remember no other treatments ever. She has been taken from what was basically an un-responsive  vegetable showing no cognitive ability or recognition at all, staring blankly into space, (her families words not mine ) to someone with a character, both her feet and hands now unclubbed , plus daily improving recognition and motor skills that have been considerably reversed. Watch out for more stage by stage video clips and information on this unique case.

Hilary Can Walk. Yet another phenomenal milestone in her life. Doctors ‘surprised’

Against the odds, Hilary is NOT now or will be a vegetable. She is so alert she can coordinate and walk early steps. ‘They’ said last year there was no cure, no hope, nothing medically could be done at all for RETTS.  NOW there is hope, we have a bright functional child so far removed from vegetative state its now gaining attention. Fact: Tomorrows world HEALING and no other TREATMENT is all she has had, because no other treatment is available. It  has completely changed her life. Doctors and physio therapists etc are thrilled, amazed and exited at Hilary’s progress against all the odds and conventional  knowledge.


If you want to donate completely directly to Hilarys fund for ongoing help, ie pysio, speech and other therapies. They are not free in Spain for such cases. Her Tomorrows world medicine healing is free, via the sanctuary..
Her  . BANK DETAILS Account name.. Maria Catalina Guirao Martinez. (NIF 76147747Z) Bank address.. Cajamar Rural, Domicilio Social Plaza de Juan del Águila Molina,5 – 04006 ALMERÍA Acct Number .. ES57 3058 0990 2627 6230 2426 Bic.. CCRIES2AXXX (same as swift) email.. Estrella361978@gmail.com

Hilary Abduction and location. Magazine Story

More from recent press

barrgton heal

NEW.. Carol’s astrological chart by world famous astrologer Heather Ensworth Ph.D. which shows close intuitive links to Edgar Cayce


The Radio program, to be replaced by
members zoom meetings

Carol's own true stories of interesting past cases, healing, health problems solved, personal, legal and criminal cases of intuitive assistance. From the Healing Sanctuary. Past, present and future. Real people with healing and personal experience of my work from past and present. Initially before via the interactive radio program at newsforthesoul.com Covering a wide range of subjects including spiritual development, healing and your own development, past stories with some live readings in the old segments. Find these in shows archives. Past programs segments are accessible from the radio show page. www.newsforthesoul.com or the radio page on this site. Started May 2021 Watch this space for news of zoom meetings and broadcasts on my You Tube video channel. Programs designed for you in Video Format to include some interactive readings for volunteers, with stories and questions. Not sure exactly how and when this will happen but please check here for new info


THE ORIGINAL PROGRAM started USA on 7th May at 8pm uk time.
Life Changing Talk Radio since 1997 world wide audiences.  

Carol Everett  @ Apr  2021


You can benefit greatly by joining the Healing Sanctuary. Even if you think you may need more concentrated healing  initially. I do recommend joining the sanctuary first. I work daily bringing in the higher energies in for you to access for your own healing needs. Much of my time is used for developing the sanctuary along with research for accessing tomorrows world medicine.  In the sanctuary we work with energies daily to improve your health with healing and spiritual well being. It’s simple yet special. 
Now I’m over 70 years old, but my healing sanctuary is a very powerful source of healing energies for your own healing needs for the Health of your Mind, Body and Soul. We not only need to repair and rebuild our immune systems for health, but also to slow down the inevitable damaging aging process. Immune system building is now more important than ever because the immune systems of many have been reduced or completely destroyed by current health scares and their directed protection which is now known to compromise immune response to illness. The healing sanctuary is dedicated to help using tomorrows world medicine to heal. From it’s initial conception the healing sanctuary was needed to be able function effectively at a distance. This distance healing has been proven scientifically over and over and as far as 4000 miles distance where the results were measured and healing effects monitored by instruments and doctors and technicians. Remember that I was ahead with this by seventeen years, by developing prp, eprp etc  for health conditions. I was using the ePRP very early for non virtual procedures directly in conjunction with a few pioneering and inquisitive Harley Street doctors in London, way back in 2000, with astounding results. Now PRP is almost commonplace.  Tomorrows world medicine is the next thing, In the next five to ten years anced healing techniques developed by many years of science research, distance testing of healing and the proven results.  

Healing of mind body and soul is the main purpose of the Healing Sanctuary, but it’s also important to maintain our body and reduce the speed of unwanted ageing effects. The Anti Aging Techniques I have developed, perfected and used on myself and others, are now available to you. You can work simply and naturally, initially with me and the higher energies. The pictures above are from April 2021 . The pictures I had below for a time, I really don’t want to go back. 





It’s simple to join the sanctuary and not expensive for all the healing you get over the month as members. 

Love Carol


*NOTES ABOUT JOINING THE HEALING SANCTUARY. (This may change your life, some already have)*
1. ACTIVE MEMBER. is the main membership status
2. LAPSED MEMBER. is a time  limited renew buffer area for past recent members
3. REGISTERED/NOT REGISTERED GUEST[S]. Access to information only.
1. IF you cannot access members only page[s] or the current meditation course page, which is temporarily remains extra fee free, then your ‘active’ healing period of membership may have expired, or is not needed.
Members sections in the sanctuary are available to active currently monthly ‘paid’ members only. Payment for active membership can only be done via the paypal subscription links on the sanctuary site.
Payments/donations made outside the actual sanctuary site do not register an active membership, or allow personal access to members premium facilities.
However you are still be registered for full sanctuary healing hi energy healing,  if pre arranged for any given period.
2. If your current subscription has expired you will remain registered for simple background healing, but payment expired members are no longer eligible for ‘front line hi-energy healing’ groups and will not be able to access members areas or members only content.
Lapsed members can also access general background sanctuary energy healing sections for approx 1 additional month before list removal, a reminder may be sent. Renewing your payment updates you once again to active membership and regains any member extras.
The monthly auto renewal option is easiest,  you can cancel at anytime. If any content requires you to be registered as an active member for access notification is given. General areas on the site are available to anyone registered as a non active guest.
3. If your active sanctuary membership status has lapsed, renewing Healing Sanctuary front line membership can ONLY be achieved using the gateway provided on this site through the on site paypal facility. See Q&A for details how to easily do this monthly, or chose auto renew. You can easily check your payment statement and status in the ‘my account’ section. See Q&A for more info on this. You will still be able to log in and see almost everything going on, except the additional facilities available  to active sanctuary members only.
4. The teach yourself meditation series and the  learning pages access will soon be available to buy and download.. 

Using Tomorrows world progressed knowledge. In today’s troubled times.
See my video below. Also sample testimonials on ‘selfie’ video.
My current outside the sanctuary information is at www.caroleverett.com

Immune Healing
 Info Video


Healing is now available to you daily direct from my distance healing sanctuary. This type of remote healing has again been scientifically tested recently (see video and article) so I am confident that you can benefit from this wherever you are. The healing is for mind body and soul, it covers any major health concerns you may have. Specially ported remote healing is available for you daily to tune into at times convenient to you. This would normally consist of two daily ‘sessions’ of 20 minutes or alternatively one daily session of 40 minutes. Background healing also continues daily while you are registered. To join the sanctuary use the grey button above and follow the guidance for making donations. The login section on the right is only for already registered members.
Normal one to one type personal appointments, working with you over a <zoom> video link are also available, subject to availability.

 << Please see video. 

IMMUNE SYSTEM BUILDING AND NEW MODERN DAY ILLNESSES The Healing Sanctuary as always is there to help

Join me, Carol Everett, in the fight against current day viral problems. This special absent healing program is in addition to any healing always available to my Healing Sanctuary members. It’s also a complimentary background healing program available to all others who may need additional healing at this particular time. You do not have to sign up to anything, this part is FREE. Just print my picture off and sit quietly for twenty minutes two times a day, or once for 40 minutes. Watch the video for more information. The healing is intended simply to help increase your immune response to any particular virus using healing for  ‘virtual’ immune response building. If you do catch a virus or similar then more than likely as with many other illness I work with I may possibly be able to help relieve symptoms experienced, as I have in the past. 
FYI Over the past 20 years I have been scientifically and lab tested over and over again. Shown multiple times on TV worldwide. Even recently the effects of energy healing and how the virtual programming of blood and immune system response at a distance of 6000 miles distance to prove it works with healing was carried out. The findings published. Tests verified using sophisticated test equipment, checked and analysed by scientists, professors and doctors. It is not something new, my healing has helped people for many years. But do see the testimonials page which just shows a very small sample of decades of similar feedback. 
Please share this with your friends and family, the more I can perhaps help the better.
Note. You DO NOT need to join the healing sanctuary to get basic immune healing support for help fighting virus situations, including corona. If your immune system can be boosted in any way it can only help produce antibodies quicker if exposed. You need to assist your immune system to work for you. This is basically FREE, see above. If you do however want to JOIN the healing sanctuary normally for a period of time and donate then you can also access the new virtual tomorrows world medicine’s ‘antidote’ to personal illnesses. You can register or  join the sanctuary using button above which allows you to donate and register. You still get registered but will only show as active on a donation payment being made. Non active names are removed after 30 days. and cannot access members sections. See also details below.  Watch out for the new video on tomorrows world medicine’s ‘virtual antidote’ methods.


You can register for the Sanctuary Healing Program using the Join Button above, specifically if you want to be part of the actual healing program. If registering we ask that you specify a monthly donation to be part of remaining on the ordinary program. This can be cancelled at anytime should you no longer need or wish to be part of the Sanctuary healing program. If you have an extremely low income and can not afford a monthly donation due to your actual circumstances, please contact us directly for consideration for alternative active registration.

The Healing Sanctuary operates 24/7 and you can actually tune in at any time. The registered times are also kept in the sanctuary for  increased potential at those times, time differences are automatically applied. It’s completely separate to the older Monday evening absent healing program from which many of you will previously had benefits over the last 20 years. The old Monday healing program has produced many good results over two decades or more just using lower background healing levels. It has produced many positive attested healing examples. The new Sanctuary healing is more directed, a collection of healing energies unique to your specific needs and powered from The Healing Sanctuary energy porthole.
Pure healing energies are sent out to you not only to help with any illness you are concerned with right now and mention but is much more towards renewed well being. It is designed to help repair and rebuild the many lost neural network connections lost to us over time, such as losing the ability to increase your own immune system and natural defences in times of health crisis. As the sanctuary healing is extremely beneficial in many other respects of your life and karma there are also elements of the anti-ageing maintenance process enabled which help your body and mind maintain your health to a much greater extent.

Love Carol

Here’s  more help on what to do when you are working with the healing sanctuary sessions. I hope it answers some of your questions. Also if you are worried about the virus use the healing to help  your immune system deal with potential infection. Many people get over the virus even in hospital. Many have had it and don’t even know they have had it.  But they now have the important antibodies gained from beating the virus. No matter how small an infection antibodies are formed.  Some people  may have no idea from where it was initially contracted.  So do everything you can to build your immune system to HELP fight any other viral possibilities coming your way.. Carol.

Carol.  I can explain what to do and how to use the sanctuary healing to work with the immune system using my virtual corona virus corvid 19 directed healing. It works for you through the sanctuary as an immune building antidote.
Nb. No were not saying a cure. But a new world healing help to fight any new infection incoming until a vaccine is available. When, well we don’t know when. So we will work towards a goal in the meantime stick to ALL the social distancing rules etc. With many of my past success cases in other things over many years some people say ‘co-incidence’, but its a bit odd how the same isolated  coincidences happen  just after healing and not before.

New Age V Health Problems*

Sanctuary members  .  I’m letting you know that Healing Sanctuary members can access my virtual energy ‘healing antidotes’ formulated from tomorrows world medicine. It is available on request to Sanctuary members from 1 April 2020 if you want join in special energy healing for helping to build up the immune system to fight old and current illnesses including some viral problems. It is designed to help you with many health problems. In many past cases healing and tomorrows developing medicine has worked (documented) when conventional methods have already failed to locate or treat health problems.

How do you harness this healing method.?  In the absence of actual physical immunity gained by vaccine or treatment, especially in for viral defenses. Or your own immune system beats it naturally. In not so serious case of a viruses that don’t kill, or don’t kill so many it causes panic, you produce normal anti bodies and become immune from that particular virus. The infection ‘curve’ comes down until the next different variation strikes and a new infection starts. Working positively with healing and tomorrows world medicine’s  ‘virtual antidotes’ can only help you, with nothing to loose. It’s not a cure, it’s not a vaccine replacement. If you produce antibodies at some time then great. But as with ANY virus situation keep away from other people and follow all the guidelines rules etc. 
Method, Just lay down quietly or sit if more comfortable, slow down your breathing as if you were going to sleep, say your name, date of birth in your mind and ask for your ‘healing answer’. Pick a time of day when you will be relaxed for half an hour to forty minutes. Always remember to say thank you to the energies. I am thinking of you all at this difficult time. This does not mean you can use it as an alternative to doctors or your healthcare professionals, it is just additional help.  Only you can determine the results yourself in any illness. Warmest Regards Carol x
ps. edited to remove some currently disallowed references.

Corona Virus,
a very near fatal case.


Unexpected Recovery
from Corvid 19


Ros and George’s friend, Graham, in a London hospital, recently (april 2020) a victim of corona virus, Covid-19. Their comments are in the videos. Grahams latest new world medicine – pre-healing news was that there was no hope being given for him, was he was so far gone, almost in a coma, he was not responding to any treatment at all and going downhill very rapidly. Since receiving tomorrows world medicine (twm) healing from Carol according to Ros and George he immediately started to respond to treatment and where there was no hope at all, now there is hope with healing and whatever the hospital is doing. We will keep you posted of the outcome.

Latest reports are that after tomorrows world medicine  healing Graham is now out of icu and responding well while others alongside him with corona still remain in icu at this time.

NEWS.. Graham is home, he recovered enough to leave hospital on 28thApril2020 is now recovering very well. Thank you for watching!

Dear Carol
Ros has kindly provided me your number and has sent me videos of your work. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help in bringing me back to life. My daughter told me that the day after you worked on me that I started to get noticeably better. As you may be ware I was a long time in a coma and the diagnosis was not go. However I have made a speedy recovery both inside the hospital and outside. The physios and doctors were all surprised by my return to health. Ros and George have been wonderful and for them to contact you has shown me what wonderful people they are too. Thanks again for everything and maybe one day we can meet in person so I can convey my thanks face to face.
Kind regards

Mindi Pt1

Mindi Pt2

Mindi Kane.  Reflects on how she met Carol and many instances where she has sought energy healing help, sometimes urgently. Her intertwined complicated medical conditions have caused fairly serious problems over many years.  Mindi has always been open minded and receptive to energy healing. One of the reasons that healing and tomorrows medicine works so effectively for her when conventional methods were found unable to cope with her mixed health problems. 
Mindi is a personal and group c
ounselor to both adults and young people. Working also as a Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner. you can find her at  www.canitalkabout.me.  Mindi. Also Speaks about Carols healing work on her mother.

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