High energy healing is now available to you  from my distance healing sanctuary. This type of healing has again been scientifically tested recently (see video and article) so I am confident that you can benefit from this wherever you are. The healing is for mind body and soul, it covers major health concerns you may have. This healing is avaiable for you to tune into at times convenient to you chosen by yourself. This would be to consist of two daily sessions of 20 minutes or alternitively one daily session of 40 minutes.

You can register here specifically to be part of the healing program. We ask that you specify a monthly donation to be part of the programme .This can be cancelled at anytime should you no longer wish to be part of the programme. If you are on extremely low income and can not afford a monthly fee, please contact us for consideration for free of charge membership.

The Healing Sanctuary operates 24/7 and you can tune in at any time. It is completely separate and different to the older Monday evening absent healing program which many of you will have used previously. The Monday program has proven, just from lower levels that it has produced many positive healing examples. The new healing is directed and is a collection of energies unique to your needs powered from The Healing Sanctuary.
Pure healing energies are sent out to you not only to help with any illness you are concerned with right now and actually specify but much more towards renewed wellbeing. It is designed to help repair and rebuild the many lost neural network connections lost to us over time, such as losing the ability to increase your own immune system and defences in times of health crisis. As the sanctuary healing is extremely beneficial in many other respects of your life and karma there are also elements of the anti-ageing maintenance process enabled which help your body and mind maintain your health to a much greater extent.

Love Carol

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