A Vision Of Tomorrows World

I had finished meditating in my healing sanctuary in the garden, as I came out of meditation I had a series of very strong visions and words came into my mind to go with it.

The war has begun, not as many people might think though, on this planet. The war is between two other planets, and two other life forces,

These planets are over a billion light years away. One of these is for the good of all, very gentle and light. The other is very greedy, materialistic. With a mind set of not thinking of anyone that is in a lower state than mentally or lifestyle than themselves. This might be very basic, but this is as it came to me.

Part of the vision was when babies are born, they are chipped right from the beginning,in their arms their thoughts and progress is connected to an enormous floating computer. This computer is nothing like we know now, the technology is so far advanced they are the size of a country, so they are not based on earth, they are in space. Not as far away as the planets but out of the earth atmosphere, near enough to connect to absolutely everything. If someone is thinking planning a bad deed they only get so many chances. No rehabilitation centre, the plug is pulled out of the computer that connects the person up to it, and they just de-combust like they are electrocuted, though its so fast they wouldn’t feel anything.

There are computers of collective energy, that our brains can tap into, depending on who we are what we think depends on the collective energy computer we can tap into. We have as we get older a small computer under our skin which allows us to access certain things by touch.

Records from the past, more right brain power, more access to enhance our left brain learning, depending on what we do with the information received and our abilities to process it ,it depends on how much we can access.This is not our choice it has to be earnt and approved by a higher source.

No one had any hair on their bodies anymore because the protection isnt needed , being inside a large dome like building like a large floating country, again not on earth inside a computerised atmosphere, not like air or elements we are used to dealing with today,

Everyone is very white there is no extreme hot or cold.

Medicine of the future is nothing like it is now at all. You have a machine you go into connected to a computer. The chip in your arms is read by the computer , this tells the computer what frequencies and what your body needs to recharge itself,.It also checks your bodies, mind, body, soul. The result of this reading will determine what frequency will be pulsated with a very very high currant into the chip which will generate round the body to where it is needed to go, sometimes you could be connected up to the computers for a week to totally rest yourself.People that have special jobs to do get this exclusive service.

You can pick the age you want to look. though there didn’t seem to be anyone that looked old , but if they wanted to look like a granny for a while to help younger people they could.

Depending on who wins the war depends on what happens down here. Telepathy mind control power of the mind was very much a big part of this vision.

My last thoughts were that the more positive thoughts we could bring down here connecting to the good light energy the better our future would be. Two futures, one has a soul and a heart, the other was cold greedy and hard. Cold greedy and hard, as a leader with their hands on computers to plug and unplug us is scary.

I have over the years had significant dreams to lead me to believe there are other life forces on different planets. Start thinking good things, kind things, reach out to someone in need make the good energies grow , create the future planet of good light and kindness. An old saying be kind to those on the way up you might meet them on the way down,

The different dimensions . life forces on other planets, different relegions all led to the same place, A very high pure energy . call it god call it angelic plane, Akashic records .

But to be part of this energy there is no time , a place of no time where everything is at one there is no future past or present its totally at one with this energy,

Carol Everett

3 thoughts on “A Vision Of Tomorrows World”

  1. Excellent Carol
    There are many similarities I have written about in my recent book which my character refers too as his Leonardo Da Vinci vision of the future.

    Gary x

  2. Carol I can’t believe you wrote this a year ago! When I read it I thought it was yesterday with all we are going through at the moment. It is almost to the day a year ago that you wrote this and here we are in the middle of a most deadly virus taking so many lives.
    This occurrence I hope will soften hearts and make us rethink things. Hopefully lead our hearts to the softer energy that you mentioned for our future!
    Incredible insight Carol!! Ahead of your time in every way! I shall be watching out to see what you write next!!
    Thank you so much Carol!! You have so much to tell us and help us!!
    Thank you!!!

  3. This is so wonderful Carol!
    You have such a fantastic gift and to be able to see how these outer planetary forces are affecting us is unbelievable!
    Thank you thank you!
    It gives such sense to our own lives and makes us give out positive vibes -I feel, as you have said, every thought is and energy and it can be directed.
    Thank you also for this Sanctuary-it’s wonderful!! Thank you!!

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