Anti Ageing Problems

Original personal Anti-Ageing treatments are separate to Healing Sanctuary healing. Anti ageing energy building and healing is available from within the healing sanctuary programs. All Sanctuary healing is all done virtually from distance. This has been tested scientifically with me to be as effective as being in a one to one appointment. It uses a specially developed and frequently measured and tested universal  healing energy.

Subject prior to Healing
Intermediate Anti-ageing Healing over one week
Results after Healing. End result still in progress December 2020. Testimonial soon, telling you the effects being noticed by those close. Bonus, beneficial effects on other previously 'ageing' body areas?. Not retouched.
Supplied Old original 'a treated' picture. With Anti aging request, 'please can you make me look like I did back then'.

Above, Subjects various stages of energy healing for smoothing, improving collagen, eliminating wrinkles, using all natural non invasive anti-ageing healing treatment. see above. Testimonial: Happy 50 plus client, 'F...' London.

Testimonial: Happy 50 plus client, ‘F…’ London.

I have worked with Carol on a few different issues but the last two times on anti ageing specifically.  I never realised that beneath my confident exterior was someone who had lost self esteem.  Working with Carol has not only given me a facial glow (to replace a pale and dull complexion) but also much smoother and healthier looking, tighter skin. 

Additionally, Carol has also given me back the confidence to pay more attention to myself.  She is incredible and I continue to be grateful.  Really impressed with the results. 

Recent Anti aging results testimonial…USA. (chin reduction)
I was fortunate to meet Carol years ago in Europe. We stayed in touch through a mutual friend. My life was busy and I did not take the time to seriously work with Carol until recently. Also, now 60 years old I needed some help with skin tightening ! I booked 5 sessions with Carol a month ago. My busy life continued. Carol kept asking me to take pictures. And once I did, and she compared the pictures to my original shots, even my skeptical 22 year old daughter was amazed. Carol even told me what (minor) health issues I had!! How did she know! How could she tighten my skin from Europe to the US?!! I booked another session. I do not know how Carol does what she does, but it is a gift.” V..


Before treatments. More noticeable as shown here are the under chin bulges, clearly shown in this shot. These were just a small part of this ladies initial rejuvenation treatment and anti aging process. The skin tightening and collagen stimulus is done remotely via through a very specially developed healing process. This type of treatment actually increases in effect over time rather than depletes. Reversion over time is expected over time using ‘other’ methods. All you do is after working on this is follow a few simple things and make sure your own healing energies from the sanctuary are maintained, as you will be a member.

After treatments. The ‘double’ chin here is now greatly reduced. But this is only a small part of what we did. The techniques used are a culmination of many years of specialist research at a distance, resulting in an almost quantum healing technique. This works naturally and virtually directly on the blood and at your dna levels. Skin is tightened and collagen growth is stimulated. It’s 100% natural and the results repeated many times elsewhere. Expected 10, 20 even 30 years reduction in perceived age is often possible. Cases are proven to work both in scientific and simple observational results easily noticeable by ordinary 3rd parties and close relatives. Seeing is believing as they say.

After just a few more 100% natural treatments, her chin shape is more defined etc.

These pictures are part of a News For the Soul Carol Everett sanctuary show for 24th September.
Full interview on the radio program if you did not catch it live go to links from radio show above.. 
Notice More Pronounced gradual facial changes after healing with tomorrows world medicine.


Facial healing / anti age … Reggies Mum Before

Facial Healing / anti aging   … Reggies Mum After