New Specialist Anti Ageing News Section.

Carol Everett @ 70
Soon starting up. Exclusive special Anti-ageing healing groups using new world techniques developed to help you stay younger overall in mind, body and soul. If interested, then please send an info request email to
Include in the subject line, (no arrows), We will be using many scientifically proven techniques, new intuitive derived solutions and methods effective at a distance. 

Carol Everett @ 70 yrs

Subject prior to Healing
Intermediate Anti-ageing Healing over one week
Results after Healing. End result still in progress December 2020. Testimonial soon, telling you the effects being noticed by those close. Bonus, beneficial effects on other previously 'ageing' body areas?. Not retouched.
Supplied Old original 'a treated' picture. With Anti aging request, 'please can you make me look like I did back then'.

Above, Subjects various stages of energy healing for smoothing, improving collagen, eliminating wrinkles, using all natural non invasive anti-ageing healing treatment. see above. Testimonial: Happy 50 plus client, 'F...' London.