Anti Ageing healing can be obtained as part of the virtual blood healing techniques specially developed and now available through the Healing Sanctuary.

Carol Everett @ 70
The Healing Sanctuary. When you join the Healing Sanctuary people dont realise that so so much is available to you, virtually at a distance. Energy healing that I have been scientifically tested on many times and have developed over years of experience.  Background anti ageing is also available to members. This uses the exact same  commitment and timescale that you allocate personally each day as a sanctuary member. This is when you concentrate on both me and  the sanctuary healing that you actually need. If it is for health healing or plain anti ageing you still use the same self relaxation and energy gathering techniques to access immune responses and bring in the available porthole energies for your needs. It is new and there is commitment from you to do this, try it and see initially the results you get.  If you smoke or drink excessively results are markedly reduced .

Sanctuary Ageing Healing. Its hard for some to grasp the benefits of how absent healing like this can actually work for you. But even some of the best genetic problems I have dealt with successfully in young children with severe genetic problems have used the same methods as you will use yourself.  (see genetic healing page for details) Exclusive Anti-ageing healing groups can use these new world techniques developed to help you stay younger overall in mind, body and soul. The porthole energies are like an energy bank you can draw one at your allocated times, it is topped up constantly through me  so the energies are available for you to access, as needed.. It is done virtually, so you don’t have a physical appointment and sanctuary membership is next to nothing in cost for the benefits you can access effectively, its up to you. If interested please join us in the sanctuary. Most of the info on what to do is on these pages. At times in really serious child cases I will also work on children with genetic disturbance problems directly, usually also  at a distance until improvement is noticed and they can continue. Most often they achieve normal or greatly recognisably improved lives.  Do send an info request email to
Include in the subject line, (ANTI AGEING), We will be using many scientifically proven techniques, plus new intuitive derived solutions and methods tested scientifically to be effective at a distance. 
See the anti aging testimonials page, available from [ testimonials and stories ] menu key