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Past Healing. If you have had consultations previously, I thank you for consulting and trusting me to help you with your mind body and soul healing. All my healing courses and onward healing methods have been inspired by the higher energies working through me to help your body heal itself. By working directly with the higher energies, it allows me to develop the very best new methods possible for your own healing requirements. 
High energy healing works more on the neurological pathways. It takes two months after healing to divert and reconnect the specific pathways that directly affect health. Bodies physically or mentally usually take a long time to develop any illness or imbalance, so doing something daily to help reverse this makes perfect sense. Where I go to bring the healing down for you is reached from a combination of a life time of healing work from pure energies.

Daily Health.
 Being a part of a follow up program daily or even by using this program itself is to be considered important in helping maintain the level of energies needed to keep your health reprogramming moving forward. It’s also about your own personal commitment too. It has to be a three-way thing, the higher energies, me and you. As we get older too, we have to be much more aware that our bodies have to be looked after daily. There is no quick fix and no end to looking after yourself properly.

After effects of healing. 
If you have already had one to one healing appointment[s], especially through virtual blood method you may find that during the first two weeks, going on for six weeks afterwards you may experience different sensations. Happy, nostalgic but at times tired as your body absorbs and works with this new energy. It is a balancing out your mind body and soul while working on the areas needed. Also, the areas you mentioned in your registration form. If you are tired don’t force yourself to do things, just go with the flow as much as you can. Feed-back is very important to both my work and to me. So, write down anything you feel that is out of the ordinary in your diary this will inspire you to keep going and give you something to look back on later to see how far you have come.

Important healing advice. Please Do not use energy type healing elsewhere whilst you are a part of my healing program, it will confuse what has already been done, the energies are mainly unseen. As a precaution remember that working with another healer may change your energy field while working with me. It confuses and dilutes what I do and have done for you. Make sure you drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep. Have fun, plenty of fresh air, music, good friends, meditation or yoga.

Healing on the blood and the immune system can bring up hidden enemies like ailments you have had previously, or even new ones waiting to mature. The immune system will try to deal with this more effectively, so don’t worry about this. Sometimes as the collagen tissue is working harder after treatment you may rarely also even get a couple of spots, leave them alone, they will usually go if you don’t pick or disturb them. 
If any symptoms do persist it means that the body has not been able to deal with this at this point so continue to see doctors for all the tests etc. then come back for healing if you want to. It’s much better for the immune system to know and deal with it than for anything to get out of control, so always go to the doctors too. Particularly if you are worried about any specific health or skin condition.
I think it’s always best to consult the doctors about any condition, normally before you consult any alternative or complimentary therapist. This ensures you have a foot in both areas of expertise that often work better together to complement each other. 

Anxiety Stress.
 For those of you that have been suffering a long time with anxiety, stress etc, I recommend you have someone outside the family to talk to, someone that also understands my healing work. If you feeling guilty after taking out frustration on other family members or those close to you. It doesn’t help them or you. One therapist I can highly recommend for this is Mindy Kane –  click here to visit Mindy’s Website

A way of life. 
People ask why I don’t do life readings anymore, I had to make a decision, health and healing came first. You cannot get someone into the right frame for healing if they have just asked you questions about love life and work. Firstly, they cannot still their minds for healing and two if they have heard something, they don’t really want to hear it upsets the brain patterns. Also it makes it harder for you to absorb the healing so it’s not productive. Readings are only available under exceptional circumstances.

Why daily healing
. I found that when people were working with me, they felt so good, even being in the energy I was directing at them. After the healing course had finished, they felt a bit lost without those positive energies. So, healing on a daily basis makes perfect sense. Of course, I cannot commit myself to actually be there for you in person which is why the energies are accumulated. The daily distant healing programme from the sanctuary is perfect for you, perfect for me.

Courses of treatments are good to give your body a good boost. What is needed is to incorporate the healing energies into your everyday life. The way you lead your life and how you think is very important to keeping the healing energies going and keeping your mind body in soul as much as possible in the high energy that you receive when you are having healing with me. I have recently had the results of my distance healing tested, this time from six thousand miles away. This shows that the healing can be measured at a distance and who ever tunes in with me receives it. I have been working on the power of the mind to help others all my life. It’s taken hours and hours of dedicating my thoughts in a room. The original testing of my brains ability to be telepathic and do diagnosis and healing was confirmed scientifically in Japan in 1994. Since that time, I have been working harder and harder to reach further to help those who come to me. 


A series of events, coincidences happening at the same time. A month ago  I didn’t even know how to take pictures on my mobile phone, or send them to people. I learnt how to use the camera on my mobile phone and it opened a whole new chain of events, first as you all saw in the last article light into the sanctuary.

I had asked in my mind for the collective energies that come in around me to help me in the sanctuary to reveal themselves in some way, I have learnt over and over again that thoughts are living things that are listened to on higher levels.

From a small child as soon as I was able to hold a pencil I used to draw angels, When I reached the age of seven I used to draw what I thought were just strange symbols and big eyes, Later I came to realise these drawings and symbols were Egyptian hieroglyphics, I then became very interested in any Egyptian pictures I could see.

Going to secondary school my passion for drawing led me to take extra lessons outside of hours with my art teacher Miss V. I loved going to my art classes, when everyone else was out playing and going to youth club I was sitting on my own with Miss V drawing anything she presented to me. Miss V used to get very excited about my work and said that what I drew and my style was like Leonardo Davinci.

Our  friendship  came to an abrupt end  when I was unable to go to university. Because of my abilities I was secured a place, My home life was very simple and poor and my parents did not encourage me to go to university, I was instead encouraged to leave school early and get a job to contribute to the house hold bills. Had I been a boy it would have been different .In those days boys were encouraged to be the breadwinners and girls to do the bringing up of children and be domesticated.

When my art teacher found out I was leaving school, she was so upset she seized all my art work and locked it in a cupboard forcing me to go and see her and explain, which I did but she was too upset after all the time she spent helping me to forgive me.

Getting back to the point where we are now, Outside my sanctuary is a wall that has been built and plastered, I decided to start drawing pictures on the wall, before this I asked for Leonardo to materilise in same way in the sanctuary to prove he was there to help me. This was  a couple of weeks  ago. I took a photo in The Sanctuary to see if I could see Leonardo’s face over mine but nothing happened. I had put the thought out there but it doesn’t always happen as we think.

My husband and I decided to go to a restaurant that we hadn’t been to for a long time. We struck up a conversation with the  waitress I knew by sight but not in person, because of my excitement of learning to use mobile phone and take pictures this was how the conversation went;

There are apps that you can use to put a filter over someones face  to change their gender, I had heard about this the week before as well, The young girl said let me show you, took my photo and it changed from a womans face to a mans, When I looked at the face, straight away I said to the girl it made me think of Leonardo Davinci, I said I would go home and check it and send it to her. She said if there was similarities she would verify she had taken the picture.

I went on google saw a picture of Leonardo, I asked my daughter to cut and paste and put the two pictures together.

We went shopping today, I wanted to get some solar lights for the garden, I wasn’t in the mood for shopping it was  boiling hot but really wanted to get the lights so pushed myself to do it. As I came out of the shop I bumped into the girl from the restaurant, We laughed as we hadn’t seen on another for ages then bumped into one another twice in one week.

This prompted me to follow up with the pictures again, I showed her the pictures on screen she said to send them again properly, when I got home she had texted me and said she couldn’t believe it, I asked for a sign from Leonardo, ok it wasn’t as I thought but its still there.

So here we are a series of events all coming together through higher   intervention , Power of mind,  positive thoughts and coincidence. Well I took it as another sign that I will  be helped to draw the pictures on the sanctuary wall with the higher collective energies.

The day before I brought some new paints for the sanctuary wall, so here we go the proof is in the pudding is in the eating so lets see how I get on with the paintings that I of course will share with you. Along with the other energies that are coming in around to help with the sanctuary healing and creativity.

Have a look at the photo at the bottom of this article with the filter next to Leonardo and see what you think.

I believe collective energies are helping me, Einstine, Leonardo Davinci, Edgar Caycee and other higher energies of a different lifesource on other planets, the unknowables. There are nine dimensions I link to, the last two are not measurable. Your brain has to travel faster than the speed of light to be a part of the 8th and 9th dimension . According to the higher dimensions that I work with, the scientific testing on my healing from Spain to America showed that my brain can do this.

Look forward to hearing your comments

Carol xx

Photo of me with “man filter” and portrait of Leonardo

Heres one of my latest artworks – style in which my art teacher felt was like Leonardo all those years ago.

Light into The Healing Sanctuary

Hi Everyone . I thought  you might like to see the latest pictures I have taken from inside The Healing Sanctuary wall and inside the sanctuary itself. I was randomly taking pictures of the development of the wall and the sanctuary and gardens coming together.

The way the sunlight has brought the energies shining down inside the sanctuary wall and inside the sanctuary looks so beautiful.

The ancient Egyptians used to get their healing powers from the sun, so this is nothing new.

I have taken it though as a good sign for the sanctuary, Hope you think so too.  I have more unusual stories to share with  you soon,

  Love Carol x

Healing with a Blood Drop of Blood

Early EPRP Development. In the years since 2001, by using the knowledge gained from experiences of my scientific trials at the Denki University in 1994. I had been developing new techniques in conjunction with a few selected doctors and technicians to get healing energy into the body more efficiently. Also by increasing your bodies own immune activity and other immune stimulation processes. This is now done by healing and ‘programming’ the cells of the platelet components of your own blood, don’t panic just yet, its just a little bit of blood used, almost like a small blood test or less. In some instances just a few drops from a diabetic lance. Originally this was done almost secretly for many years for diverse health issues, but back then it was considered way too cutting edge and was unheard of. Interested doctors were still worried about possible implications as it was still very new, even though really good results were being obtained. But it’s totally safe, being 100% you, your own DNA and nothing else. Each treatment is always unique to each person so there is no possibility of adverse reactions. Curiosity did not kill the cat in this case but because of the great results more trials and tests were quietly continued. Back then it was simply unheard of to take a bit of blood ‘reprogram’ it and put some back. Doctors said it was an untested procedure. It took a few brave doctors and a lot of convincing to get anyone to try it at all, but once the results had been seen first hand walla, curiosity won!. Now of course they are all doing it, the web is full of PRP, but back then it was ‘impossible’ to use and very secretive. As usual I was at least 15 years ahead of the times with my EPRP (energised/enhanced prp). I’m always working on new developments and have new anti-aging techniques already lining up. Of course I wont get any direct recognition because the bigger people with all the money always get the credit. But watch this space, there is more to come. Now I work with a great doctor on trials and treatments in Monaco, who also works with the university there and another doctor on treatments in Spain. We are developing completely new techniques that will likely be published. Just so you know how it works, the doctor does the actual platelet therapy itself, and I do the Energy-healing on the platelet rich plasma which changes it somehow. The plasma extracted to my specific instruction. Then changes to the plasma and cell activity can be seen, when observed, as the blood is still alive. This is then the serum that is used. The results far exceed any form of plain PRP. For health uses there are many possibilities still untapped. More importantly it cannot harm and there is no rejection, no side effects, only the potential for improvement. The newley developed process allows a similar proceedure to be carried out at home without any needles see healing pages..

By developing this healing process which even now remains unique because of the healing element, it was found there was a very interesting side effect. This effect produced an unexpected and highly effective method of anti-aging and wrinkle reduction. It happened almost by accident during health trials but it was achieved by the very same energising of the platelet rich plasma components in small samples of a patients live blood as the healing treatments. It was done exactly the same then as it is now, with the sample re-injected with the energy programmed platelet rich plasma. The process is almost the same as offered in todays ordinary PRP practices (platelet rich plasma). But nowadays PRP is much more widespread. We started this research with the help of a few interested London doctors a long time before the advent of todays platelet rich plasma therapy and ten years before dracula therapy was even thought of. Ordinary platelet rich plasma therapy is fairly commonplace now from around 2013 on, but its still used mainly for aesthetic use, we used EPRP for some interesting medical uses as well. But then back in 2001 it was almost taboo and not to be talked about too much outside even though it worked. Today its not just used to boost the immune system and help with repairs, but also to increase collagen production. Making ‘repairs’ with enhanced and individually programmed platelets enable its use where needed in order to work with more diversified problems. Just to recap, enhanced energised platelet therapy is considerably different to normal prp, the blood cells are seen to change under the microscope and with it the actual immune response. It is well ahead of its time and not available anywhere else. I now work with two doctors, Dr Christian in Monaco, this is for treatments and research trials. With Dr Enrique in Murcia for all treatments and immune building.

Doctors and Trials. You will have seen standard PRP come along in leaps and bounds, its the in thing, everyone seems to be doing it now because it works. But I was quietly working with this process fifteen years ago for differing treatments at a time when some UK doctors said it was crazy to do it and it could not be explained, but it worked. Edgar Cayce said that peoples health would eventually come down to one drop of blood, he may well be right.
Dr Deperdu in Monaco, who I work with both for new trials in anti ageing and treatments, and who is also involved with in depth anti-aging research at the university. Says that the measured results re improvements in the skin, collagen regrowth, etc, etc and observed results in general when I work on the PRP sample to energise it, is always much greater than when they do it without. At this time it’s not possible to reproduce the effect I have of energising the blood but the local blood bank/lab in Monaco has logged the changes made to the blood/plasma samples from before and after the energising process many times now. You don’t need to bother too much about this, because its your results that count, but current western medical teaching on blood, germ theory and its terrain is known to be wrong. Every doctor knows this, (eg read pastuer v beauchamp ) , but officially its not possible to ‘understand’ changes to blood can be made this way, even though the effects of energy healing on the blood can clearly be seen.

carol x

Astrological Link to Edgar Cayce

Carol Everett’s birth chart written by Heather Ensworth, Ph.D.

One of my area’s of interest and specialization as an astrologer has been in assessing indications of psychic and intuitive gifts through the patterns in the birth chart. These gifts are particularly prominent in people with strong aspects between the outer transpersonal planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) and the Sun, Moon and Ascendant in the birth chart.
These configurations are very strong in Carol’s birth chart. She has Uranus on the Ascendant and in opposition to the Sun. This is an indication of someone who is gifted in working with energy and with channeling or “downloading” information from the higher realms. It is also an indication of being guided by synchronicities and flashes of insight. Uranus is known as the higher octave of Mercury and is our connection to divine mind or to Cosmic consciousness.
Carol also has her Moon in the sign of Aquarius (ruled by Uranus), and her Moon is in opposition to Pluto and in a trine with Neptune. These aspects give her a sense of compassion for others as well as strong intuitive gifts and a capacity to tune in to others as a deep level. She also has Neptune conjunct her south node in Libra indicating that she has come into this lifetime with strong spiritual and psychic gifts and a sensitivity and attunement to when energies are in harmony (in balance) or when they are discordant or out of balance. She also has strong aspects with Chiron and Hygeia indicating healing gifts.
Carol’s chart has in the past been compared with the birth chart of Edgar Cayce. He,like Carol, has strong aspects in his chart to all three of the transpersonal planets. Both Carol and Edgar Cayce have Uranus conjunct the Ascendant. Cayce’s Moon (in Taurus) is squaring Uranus and is also conjunct both Pluto and Neptune. Cayce’s Sun sign is
Pisces (ruled by Neptune) is in the 8th house and is also in aspect to Pluto, giving him access to what is held deeply in the unconscious mind as well as gifts in communicating with the spirits of those who have died.
Cayce was able to channel and download intuitive information while sleeping by accessing the “timeless realm” in which all information is interconnected. Carol, in a similar manner, speaks of going the realm of “No Time” for gaining her insights and drawing in healing energies.
In analyzing the synastry (connections) between Carol’s chart and Edgar Cayce’s chart, it is clear that they have a karmic or past life connection. The exact nature of that connection is not fully clear, but the dynamics between their charts indicate similar  patterns and energies in their psychic and intuitive gifts as well as in their understanding of healing.

I have completed my brief written report for you. Let me know your thoughts. Also, I looked at your chart with the charts for Edgar Cayce, Issac Newton and Leonardo da Vinci, and you have karmic connections with all of them!!

Second comparison. from March 1987
Edgar Cayce and Carol Everett have key similarities in astrological charts according to astrologer Clanice Clarke.

Many coincidences exist in their chosen direction of work and research. Carol’s pioneering work with medical intuitive diagnosis and healing, including healing internally using the blood as a vehicle to do this follow on from Edgar Cayce’s work, and have improved on it. Edgar Cayce once said that the health of people would eventually come down to one drop of blood, he may well be right.

In Reading 283-2 he said; The day may yet arrive when one may take a drop of blood and diagnose the condition of any physical body. For, as is seen, there is no condition existent in a body that the reflection of same may not be traced in the blood supply, for not only does the blood stream carry the rebuilding forces to the body, it also takes the used forces and eliminates same through their proper channels in the various portions of the system… Hence there is ever seen in the blood stream the reflections or evidences of that condition being carried on in the physical body..”

This concept is now evident in my own work, healing using ‘re-programmed’ blood samples both real and virtual, for the immune system to adapt. Evading science still is evaluation, quantum theory is a possibility for changes that can’t be observed, though obvious in the healing and anti-ageing results. With Carol, Edgar’s statement has progressed to, ‘the use of one drop of blood can be used for the purpose of healing as well as diagnosis.

Astrological Charts of Carol Everett and Edgar Cayce
By Clanice E. Clarke

Astrologer, Clanice E Clarke was born into a respected family of astrologers. Known for many years in professional astrological circles for their interpretative astrological knowledge, experience and understanding of astrology. Clanice, practices as a consultant astrologer, regularly teaching the subject of astrology at Exeter University, UK. Clanice Clarke is also a founder member of the Exeter Astrology Group which was formed in 1996, part of the Astrological Association.

Original Astrological Report by Clanice E Clarke

I first met Carol Everett with my mother Patience Clarke in March 1987, when she came for an Astrological consultation. My mother mentioned then the similarities between Carol and the Edgar Cayce chart, which was significant as Carol was already working as a Clairvoyant. An Initial comparison shows a similarity in the overall shape of both charts, with 4 planets in the 7th and 8th houses, Cayce having the Sun in the 8th house while Carol has the Moon in the 8th house, this being known as the Occult house. However the most outstanding connection between the charts is that both have the Planet Uranus, conjunct to their respective ascendant point, Cayce in the sign of Leo while Carols is in the sign of Cancer. This position confers the ability to tap a super-conscious level of knowledge, gaining insights beyond the capacity of the average individual. As well as the desire for leadership in groups or organisations which promote new ideas and advanced spiritual concepts.

Carol also like Cayce has the planet Uranus linked strongly to the career point in the chart, indicating professional success and even fame through unique contributions in their work.

Carol’s note –

I never made claims that I was linked in any way to Edgar Cayce or his work. I was initially consulted completely out of the blue by Patience Clarke in 1987, she was a knowledgeable astrologer of her time. Working with her mother Patience Clanice was researching the astrological charts of a few clairvoyants, mediums and similar people who were known to have gained some following. She said that she was ‘absolutely elated’ to have found that in my chart there were such strong similarities between the chart of Edgar Cayce and my own. Patience had asked for my date and time of birth etc just a few weeks earlier. The excitement was obvious when I visited, Patience and Clanice were undecided about who should tell me their findings. I had a bad feeling because they couldn’t decide who should tell me, it turned out they were undecided due to their excitement in their findings. Similarities found in my chart preparation had accumulated to point to the Edgar Cayce link. It’s significance became the main subject of the next meeting. At the time it was lost on me. It meant nothing really, I did not even know who Edgar Cayce was. So the information meant very little. Edgar who, I asked.


The importance to the astrologers was lost on me. Patience told me all about Edgar Cayce, his work and indicated that astrologically I would follow on with very similar work myself. Indications were I could perhaps follow on from his work. I remembered what I had been told, it sank in. The work I was already doing for patients, the method of medical intuitive diagnosis I used already with success made me pleased it had been done before. Similarities in other areas were already obvious particular my readings and theories about the blood for more intense healing. At this time I was working mainly as a clairvoyant, but even then the medical diagnosis part of my work was increasingly featuring more strongly.

The name Edgar Cayce over the following ten years would not go away. The diagnoses I was producing for patients were being recorded and verified on a regular basis with doctors and medical specialists. Their accuracy being more widely acknowledged in healing circles and more doctors. People from the UK and USA were mentioning the way I worked was similar to how Edgar Cayce worked. When working on really hard cases, with very difficult diagnosis, on occasions I send out to the energies and asked Edgar subconsciously for help. He often ‘replies’, always making complete sense. Many times the name Edgar Cayce came up to describe how I was apparently doing my work. This came to the attention of film producer, director and writer, Mellisa Jo Peltier, USA, at that time working for paramount pictures. She was visiting the UK for a TV documentary segment about my diagnosis and healing work. She surprised me by making the same observations and offered me some advice. She was however in a unique position to know, observe and compare. Only the year before she had worked on a similar project surrounding Edgar Cayce and “The Edgar Cayce files” in Virginia Beach. She and had extensively researched his work for another project and was exceptionally familiar with all things Edgar Cayce. She pointed out to me a few of the Edgar Cayce books which she had read and how the similarities in the work we did meshed and the situations that were so similar and all too real.

After filming with Melisa I decided to contact Clanice Clarke again, 12 years later this was 1999. I wanted to see if she could throw light on the subject, regarding the earlier readings and observations made by her and her mum Patience in 1987, the Edgar Cayce links. This year will be highly significant for Carol professionally. Especially after the Solar Eclipse of August 11th which falls opposite her moon in the 8th house. The Moon is the ruling planet of Carols chart, therefore very important and being in the 8th house will be putting increased emphasis on her occult work. This Solar Eclipse will also be highlighting the Edgar Cayce chart very strongly, which may trigger a renewal of interest in both him and his work by the general Public and thereby anyone like Carol who works in such a very similar way.

The report above is an initial report by Clanice. Charts are not shown here.

Carols note

Around 1999 I started being filmed for a number of TV programs for the USA and UK, this lead to many other opportunities and the segments have been aired multiple times worldwide. My research into current blood droplet healing techniques also started development shortly after 1999 (click here to see blood drop healing page). The results already proving the concept. Now in 2019 it is commonplace with many doctors using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) technique. In 1999 when I started doing external PRP (working on extracted blood) it was considered well outside the box, too dangerous, possibly fraught with potential problems and virtually unknown. In this research I was at least 15 years ahead of common PRP practices. I have now developed this further and no longer need to have the blood extracted to work on it. I am able to focus my mind on the individual, this can be done at distance, tuning myself into their unique frequency. I concentrate my energies creating an Energized PRP (EPRP). My EPRP version is proving to be more effective for healing and anti-aging, when scientifically tested by doctors and scientists. Carol x

A Vision Of Tomorrows World

I had finished meditating in my healing sanctuary in the garden, as I came out of meditation I had a series of very strong visions and words came into my mind to go with it.

The war has begun, not as many people might think though, on this planet. The war is between two other planets, and two other life forces,

These planets are over a billion light years away. One of these is for the good of all, very gentle and light. The other is very greedy, materialistic. With a mind set of not thinking of anyone that is in a lower state than mentally or lifestyle than themselves. This might be very basic, but this is as it came to me.

Part of the vision was when babies are born, they are chipped right from the beginning,in their arms their thoughts and progress is connected to an enormous floating computer. This computer is nothing like we know now, the technology is so far advanced they are the size of a country, so they are not based on earth, they are in space. Not as far away as the planets but out of the earth atmosphere, near enough to connect to absolutely everything. If someone is thinking planning a bad deed they only get so many chances. No rehabilitation centre, the plug is pulled out of the computer that connects the person up to it, and they just de-combust like they are electrocuted, though its so fast they wouldn’t feel anything.

There are computers of collective energy, that our brains can tap into, depending on who we are what we think depends on the collective energy computer we can tap into. We have as we get older a small computer under our skin which allows us to access certain things by touch.

Records from the past, more right brain power, more access to enhance our left brain learning, depending on what we do with the information received and our abilities to process it ,it depends on how much we can access.This is not our choice it has to be earnt and approved by a higher source.

No one had any hair on their bodies anymore because the protection isnt needed , being inside a large dome like building like a large floating country, again not on earth inside a computerised atmosphere, not like air or elements we are used to dealing with today,

Everyone is very white there is no extreme hot or cold.

Medicine of the future is nothing like it is now at all. You have a machine you go into connected to a computer. The chip in your arms is read by the computer , this tells the computer what frequencies and what your body needs to recharge itself,.It also checks your bodies, mind, body, soul. The result of this reading will determine what frequency will be pulsated with a very very high currant into the chip which will generate round the body to where it is needed to go, sometimes you could be connected up to the computers for a week to totally rest yourself.People that have special jobs to do get this exclusive service.

You can pick the age you want to look. though there didn’t seem to be anyone that looked old , but if they wanted to look like a granny for a while to help younger people they could.

Depending on who wins the war depends on what happens down here. Telepathy mind control power of the mind was very much a big part of this vision.

My last thoughts were that the more positive thoughts we could bring down here connecting to the good light energy the better our future would be. Two futures, one has a soul and a heart, the other was cold greedy and hard. Cold greedy and hard, as a leader with their hands on computers to plug and unplug us is scary.

I have over the years had significant dreams to lead me to believe there are other life forces on different planets. Start thinking good things, kind things, reach out to someone in need make the good energies grow , create the future planet of good light and kindness. An old saying be kind to those on the way up you might meet them on the way down,

The different dimensions . life forces on other planets, different relegions all led to the same place, A very high pure energy . call it god call it angelic plane, Akashic records .

But to be part of this energy there is no time , a place of no time where everything is at one there is no future past or present its totally at one with this energy,

Carol Everett