Healing with a Blood Drop of Blood

Early EPRP Development. In the years since 2001, by using the knowledge gained from experiences of my scientific trials at the Denki University in 1994. I had been developing new techniques in conjunction with a few selected doctors and technicians to get healing energy into the body more efficiently. Also by increasing your bodies own immune activity and other immune stimulation processes. This is now done by healing and ‘programming’ the cells of the platelet components of your own blood, don’t panic just yet, its just a little bit of blood used, almost like a small blood test or less. In some instances just a few drops from a diabetic lance. Originally this was done almost secretly for many years for diverse health issues, but back then it was considered way too cutting edge and was unheard of. Interested doctors were still worried about possible implications as it was still very new, even though really good results were being obtained. But it’s totally safe, being 100% you, your own DNA and nothing else. Each treatment is always unique to each person so there is no possibility of adverse reactions. Curiosity did not kill the cat in this case but because of the great results more trials and tests were quietly continued. Back then it was simply unheard of to take a bit of blood ‘reprogram’ it and put some back. Doctors said it was an untested procedure. It took a few brave doctors and a lot of convincing to get anyone to try it at all, but once the results had been seen first hand walla, curiosity won!. Now of course they are all doing it, the web is full of PRP, but back then it was ‘impossible’ to use and very secretive. As usual I was at least 15 years ahead of the times with my EPRP (energised/enhanced prp). I’m always working on new developments and have new anti-aging techniques already lining up. Of course I wont get any direct recognition because the bigger people with all the money always get the credit. But watch this space, there is more to come. Now I work with a great doctor on trials and treatments in Monaco, who also works with the university there and another doctor on treatments in Spain. We are developing completely new techniques that will likely be published. Just so you know how it works, the doctor does the actual platelet therapy itself, and I do the Energy-healing on the platelet rich plasma which changes it somehow. The plasma extracted to my specific instruction. Then changes to the plasma and cell activity can be seen, when observed, as the blood is still alive. This is then the serum that is used. The results far exceed any form of plain PRP. For health uses there are many possibilities still untapped. More importantly it cannot harm and there is no rejection, no side effects, only the potential for improvement. The newley developed process allows a similar proceedure to be carried out at home without any needles see healing pages..

By developing this healing process which even now remains unique because of the healing element, it was found there was a very interesting side effect. This effect produced an unexpected and highly effective method of anti-aging and wrinkle reduction. It happened almost by accident during health trials but it was achieved by the very same energising of the platelet rich plasma components in small samples of a patients live blood as the healing treatments. It was done exactly the same then as it is now, with the sample re-injected with the energy programmed platelet rich plasma. The process is almost the same as offered in todays ordinary PRP practices (platelet rich plasma). But nowadays PRP is much more widespread. We started this research with the help of a few interested London doctors a long time before the advent of todays platelet rich plasma therapy and ten years before dracula therapy was even thought of. Ordinary platelet rich plasma therapy is fairly commonplace now from around 2013 on, but its still used mainly for aesthetic use, we used EPRP for some interesting medical uses as well. But then back in 2001 it was almost taboo and not to be talked about too much outside even though it worked. Today its not just used to boost the immune system and help with repairs, but also to increase collagen production. Making ‘repairs’ with enhanced and individually programmed platelets enable its use where needed in order to work with more diversified problems. Just to recap, enhanced energised platelet therapy is considerably different to normal prp, the blood cells are seen to change under the microscope and with it the actual immune response. It is well ahead of its time and not available anywhere else. I now work with two doctors, Dr Christian in Monaco, this is for treatments and research trials. With Dr Enrique in Murcia for all treatments and immune building.

Doctors and Trials. You will have seen standard PRP come along in leaps and bounds, its the in thing, everyone seems to be doing it now because it works. But I was quietly working with this process fifteen years ago for differing treatments at a time when some UK doctors said it was crazy to do it and it could not be explained, but it worked. Edgar Cayce said that peoples health would eventually come down to one drop of blood, he may well be right.
Dr Deperdu in Monaco, who I work with both for new trials in anti ageing and treatments, and who is also involved with in depth anti-aging research at the university. Says that the measured results re improvements in the skin, collagen regrowth, etc, etc and observed results in general when I work on the PRP sample to energise it, is always much greater than when they do it without. At this time it’s not possible to reproduce the effect I have of energising the blood but the local blood bank/lab in Monaco has logged the changes made to the blood/plasma samples from before and after the energising process many times now. You don’t need to bother too much about this, because its your results that count, but current western medical teaching on blood, germ theory and its terrain is known to be wrong. Every doctor knows this, (eg read pastuer v beauchamp ) , but officially its not possible to ‘understand’ changes to blood can be made this way, even though the effects of energy healing on the blood can clearly be seen.

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