‘Place of no time’, (zoom)

The Monthly ZOOM meeting registration form is lower down the page The zoom meetings are an additionally separate from the healing sanctuary program.
NEXT ZOOM MEETING . 30th May 2024

Subject..   Healing the blood taking it back to school, retraining  it (virtually) then sending it back into the body to build up the bodies immune system to help the body heal itself and get stronger. Connections going on with the brain and the body is what I’m focusing on. That’s what people will be getting in this next zoom meeting 3oth May 2024.. This also helps and combats antiaging of the body, regenerating the cells,helping them stay younger longer with tomorrows world techniques.

The meditation healing group is on the last thursday of each month. Registration is possible to book when next future date is shown on the actual booking form below. (via menu at top of the page). nb zoom meetings do have an admin fee.


**This is a NEW  SEPARATE Healing only Group, ON THE LAST MONDAY of each month.**
Twenty Minutes of your time.  Separate from the zoom meetings It’s free but any donations towards the up keep of the sanctuary are always appreciated, It’s ALWAYS held at 7.00pm UK time, wherever you are. This is NOT the zoom meeting which is a completely separate event.

You can help in supporting the healing sanctuary and help with the Monday absent healing, just click   
‘donate now’   it will take you to a simple page with a paypal button lower down. Remember it’s the last monday in each month.



Nb. The zoom meditation meeting entry form can be found lower down page.

I’m excited to be meditating from the Sacred Sanctuary site at the same time as you, it’s always at 7.00pm UK time for a twenty minutes healing group only. Helping you reach a higher medatition, while building your resistance to negative influences. This  will be helping you personally plus so many situations and sadness world wide.
The 1st one was 

Get yourselves in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.  Sit quietly and think of the  Sanctuary in your mind. Slow down your breathing as if you were going to sleep, visualise your left eye passing into your right eye. This is your key to being part of the place of no time and is actually part of the meditation series lessons.  I will be with you in my mind and the sanctuary will be  protecting you. I am the gate keeper to the energy porthole in the Sanctuary, where the energies will be directed world wide. This came to me to help when I was meditating in the sanctuary so I am following the guidance I have been given.

You can also register with the healing sanctuary without being an active member. To support the sanctuary as a full member. To actually join the sanctuary as an ‘active’ healing member and join in the sanctuary daily healing program you are making more of a commitment, which will be good of course.
Nb There are no people turning up at the sanctuary it’s all done remotely. Your thoughts and loving support will be like a large prayer  pack. The first healing Monday meeting is 31st July. 

(The sacred Healing Site, Check out Rory Duff sacred sites for more detail on this.)

 Just join me absently in mind for the special absent healing group, we also aim to raise world energies and promote world peace. If you wish to join this group just email as a reminder BEFORE the afternoon of the last monday in each month to caroleveretthealingsanctuary@outlook.com You must put ONLY (MONDAY GROUP HEALING) in the title line to enable us to recognise your desire to join in. Those on each mondays current list will benefit also from the circulating energies amplified in the ‘sanctuary energy porthole’ Thank you, I look forward to you joining.


The ‘place of no time’ meetings are monthly. As part of the main Healing Sanctuary program  
Included will be a current intuitive channelled message for the group attending. Plus guided meditation and right brain stimulation tutorials. 


To avoid errors distributing current zoom links etc you will be able to register just for the next scheduled meeting only, subsequent new meeting registration will be available two days following the last meeting to register again. 

(If you don’t see the form below log in at right of page, as a guest.. 
 username = guest  AND  password = 1111). If you have just registered use the data you signed up with. Just fill in  your details to complete zoom meeting booking and log out when finished. 
More meeting related content info below form. You are also very welcome to join the Sanctuary Daily Healing Program. See notes below for this.

Meeting Dates 2024, All at 7.00pm UK time, ON  Thursdays, current bookable meeting see below.



Register Below. For meetings with my Carol live on zoom.
Just fill in your details and follow on to paypal.
Zoom details plus a zoom link, will be emailed to you on completion. Check this is OK. Also its shown temporarily on the booking web page. Video below.

Zoom Healing & Meditation Meetings Registration
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*NOTE If you are not directly sent to the zoom meeting information page after completing form and the email with link is not sent to you please check with paypal that it completed without error.* 

* The Next ZOOM Sanctuary Healing/meditation date will be Shown Above. Here is some more info.

REGISTRATION. Please read.. : The form above is the registration gateway to my intuitive zoom meetings, ‘Place of no Time’ , please complete your details to joining the next meeting. Once you have registered and passed through paypal (paypal acct or by card) to confirm, you will be returned to a new web page with the zoom meeting details shown there. Plus you will get an email with this as well. 

But just to be completely safe, in case of emails going astray. Do have a pencil and paper or just cut and paste the direct link details which is a click on link, with the meeting id.
Don’t worry if you don’t manage to do this because following that should be an email with all the details sent to you again, directly after any registration is confirmed. If there is any registration problem please email and enquire with my PA at  pa2caroleverett@outlook.com

Make sure that you have an up to date zoom client program on your device, also you know how to connect by practicing first and then it should be a simple link click to join. Some great feedback has arrived about the clear and relevant ‘intuitive’ and completely new future information. These messages are for the participants attending, direct from the energies and relevant to those joining. The ‘voice’ that comes through for the messages has for many years been called ‘the voice’ by many followers. When ‘the voice’ starts, just about anything can come through, it’s direct from the energies. But it is always very new and is nearly always relevant stuff for tomorrows world and nothing like often regurgitated old stuff offered by a few very well read clever people who really cannot actually reach the higher energies sufficiently in order to intuitively reach this kind of new information. You would be quite surprised to learn who has asked me in the past how to reach the higher energies. Some appear to know, by using a huge pile of learned and often quite baffling  big words. The key is actually simplicity.  I’m  just not smart enough to remember lots of past stuff to regurgitate, so it has to be new and completely inspired. No meeting content is ever planned, the participants are ‘seen’, so what comes out I genuinely don’t know about, or plan, or often don’t understand myself, but you will. It is very very new and just as applicable to one, a few or maybe many there.

There is a lot of logistic preparation and co-ordination for online meetings, connection links, multiple notifications, queries etc. In order to give the best in connecting you all LIVE to the interactive meeting we do have to ask for a reasonable donation. It’s set at £20 per person. This can ensure that the much needed help is available to make this happen, as only limited numbers of place availability are available.. Love Carol.

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