Health Problems

Lisa Taylor was trapped in a permanent coma for more than a year, her doctors could provide no actual treatment. Sanctuary healing brought her out of this coma in just 10 days

Lisa T Stuck in a 10 month coma, a while back, after blunt force trauma care of her boyfriend and a brick. Lisa responds after tomorrows world healing in just one to two week and then continued to improve.

Note. This Video takes few seconds to start.
Lisa Taylor, was stuck in a coma for 10 months, this is a few years back now, after being nearly murdered by her then boyfriend. She was heard constantly wailing, almost like a perpetual nightmare,  day and night. Anyone entering the unit could always hear this constantly.  Lisa’s doctors said she was just one step away from being a vegetable. After a few tomorrows world healing sessions she started to respond.  This video is her mothers  take on what happened. The follow up story which we have video for includes interviews with Lisa’s parents, also comments from her eye specialist who said she was blind, I said she was not blind but just had blocked nerves. A speech therapist who was surprised at her increased  reactions, initially zero. Also comments from the hospitals admin  in ‘absolute panic’ that the press would  pick up that a healer in just two weeks had achieved more than a year in hospital. Lisa then improved greatly over the next few months, sitting reading magazines, tv etc. Not quite back to normal, but considering is seen to be  doing exceptionally well.

Heidi, had a distressing time, on multiple occasions attempting to conceive, doctors were not able to help. She learned about the many previous people that I had worked with in a similar situation. Heidi relays her positive results with sanctuary healing for you below.

“This is how I met Carol”

Healing for pregnancy crisis
from America.

Heidi’s conception ‘miracle’
Frustrating battle with pregnancies, 
finally overcome with healing
from healing sanctuary. 

Comment from . Heidi – Virginia, USA – I have worked with Carol for a variety of reasons (infertility, breast tumors, ovarian tumors, mass healings, etc.) since 2016. Time and time again, she has helped me enormously. I have been so happy with all that she has done for me that I have recommended her to all of my immediate family for medical issues including diabetes, heart disease, urinary tract infection that led to sepsis and hopsitalization, degenerative eye disease, poor circulation, breast cancer, depression, pineal cyst growth in the brain, and more. I have also recommended friends to her, both for treatment and to join the sanctuary.

In December 2020, I was feeling a bit “off,” and requested a session to make sure my health was intact. Carol did a full workup on me and also recommended a blast of anti-aging to heal me from the inside out. Immediately following the appointment and up through writing this testimonial many weeks later, my symptoms (fatigue, difficulty sleeping, stress, headaches, digestive issues, etc.) disappeared. An added bonus was the tightening and smoothing of the skin around my eyes, which brightened my face and made me look more youthful (I am in my early 40s)! My husband noticed the change in my face immediately and was floored! I plan to sign up for a full course of anti aging, both for a more youthful “Everett Glow,” as well as for the whole body benefits! Carol is indeed a miracle worker with a multitude of talents; in my home, we now simply refer to her as “The Magic Lady!”

Kelly.L  Tells of  her experiences with
the virtual covid antidote Carol gave her,
increases immune response to covid.
Plus healing with tomorrows world medicine,
what sanctuary has done for both her and family.

Kim Mendez talks of her sanctuary healing experiences
Kim : Apparent Alien Images appear in curtain !

Kim Mendes is a London practitioner working in major hospitals, she has known first hand about my work for many years and has seen results. Her comments on Ben’s case are, 
The Kidney energy in Chinese Medicine is the foundation !! It looks after the reproductive process – it looks after the skeleton-the bones -the teeth -the hearing -the head hair! It is linked our immune system! If the Kidney energy is weak then the external pathogenic factor (which is another way of calling anything which can affect us like a virus or a common cold) -if the Kidney energy is strong then we should be able to fight off anything from about a foot away from our bodies (like the Ready Brek children when they go off to school -old ad) but if that Kidney energy is weak -the teeth fall out -head hair falls out -bone deforms -we lose our hearing -all the signs of old age really -also our immune systems weaken. So therefore we are more vulnerable to pathogens or viruses or internal organ function failure which also creates disease!! This lad has been helped so much physically by Carol boosting his immune system and therefore the Kidney energy. Also his personality has blossomed with more confidence!! Chinese are always very protective about this Kidney Energy as they say once you have dissipated your it you can’t get it back -Well here Carol has disproved that theory and given this man back his whole self-it’s fantastic to see!!! Carol is unique !! The best!! A very unique healer to be treasured!!!! Xxxx

“My name is Kim Mendez -and I have known Carol and seen evidence of her healing powers over a long period of time now!!
The year before late my mother died I had something on my face that I really wasn’t sure about!
Carol with her psychic powers realised my health needed a boost!!
Carol told me about her ‘Sanctuary Healing’ which I have been on now for  over two months! Within this time magical things have happened-within four days the thing on my face disappeared and then out of the blue I heard from an agent from years ago who offered me some high profile TV work
I should mention here that I had been a Ballet dancer first and later in life studied Chinese Medicine visiting China many times and have my own practice and work in two Oncology Hospitals on the wards! Can I say here too I have seen evidence of Carol’s healing on many of my own patients!
So the TV work which has yet to be shown on TV and which could lead to other things. I was then offered a lot of Stage work and my Practice which had dwindled has suddenly picked up and back to it’s busy self!
It felt as if suddenly people were seeing me again -whereas before it felt as if they were looking through me.  -I feel my cheekiness has come back.
I’ve had so many compliments of people saying how well I look -and other people saying I look radiant (which is what I feel inside) and one lady stopped me in the street took out her earphones from her ears and said to me ‘I just have to let you know how beautiful you look!!!’ Gulp I thought!! No one in all my 60 odd years has anyone said that let alone a total stranger stopping me in street to tell me!
This has all happened since being in Carol’s Healing Sanctuary!!
I hope to always be in Carol’s Sanctuary Healing -it has become such a wonderful 40 minute pattern to be a part of!!!
All I can say is ‘thank you thank you thank you Carol!!!!’ It has brought me back to myself and honestly a feeling inside of how I felt when I was 16 years old.
It seems so small to say ‘Thank You’ with such a great gift but really ‘Thank You Carol!!!!’” –
Kim Mendez, Sanctuary member

TERRIBLE SCARING OF A LEG BURN VICTIM. Considered un-treatable here are Results of blood based eprp healing, assisted and monitored by doctor throughout this unique treatment.
Having known Carol for many years & trusting her work, when my friend told me that she had badly burnt her leg, it was Carol I knew she had to see.

Carol had worked on my skin at Dr Deperdu”s clinic many times. So I spoke to him about doing an assessed set of treatments with Carol on my friend Birgitta. He agreed to take thermal images of her leg before & after, over the course of a month.

We took blood out of Birgitta, (just a few ml) and span it to collect the platelet rich plasma. Carol then healed the PRP & Dr Deperdu injected the healed PRP back into Birgitta’s leg. It was injected all over the burn, which understandably could have been quite painful. But Carol took as much pain out of this process & continued to heal the burn. I think from memory we did this three times in the first week then once a week for a month. Then just healing every month for three months.

Burns are not only visible but you can feel them as they corrugate the skin.

As well as Dr Deperdu’s thermal images I took picture as its easier to check for improvements.

Birgitta’s leg just kept getting better & better fading with each treatment from Carol. It was simply one of the most amazing transformations I have seen.

Birgitta’s leg not only lost its terrible redness, but the skin relaxed & lost all the corrugation typical to a burn.

Birgitta was totally delighted, she could go back to wearing shorts without any feeling of self consciousness. Her leg is also smooth to the touch.

Dr Deperdu was amazed, he always liked Carol’s work, but couldn’t understand what an incredible result she achieved. Doctors always want to know how something has happened & with Carol, well she’s years ahead of them all.

Miracles can happen, but especially when having healing with our wonderful gifted Carol.

Thank you my extremely talented friend.


Kelly: Healing for Conception. Without Carol my daughter would certainly not be here.

Carol’s healing direct healing work helped me conceive. After more than a year of frustration, failed fertility treatments and doctors always saying it would be very unlikely for me to get pregnant due to  related health problems.  Carol prefers doctors agreeing with her work  I’m now also an absent healing sanctuary member.

Kelly: Carol has also helped my other family members with her tomorrows world healing.

My mum has serious joint pain problems prior to Carol working with her, she is now pain free. My brother has serious auto immune problems and prior to healing with carol almost bed ridden. Since then, Carol has changed his life completely. They are also healing sanctuary members to help maintain healing.

Kelley. ‘brilliant.cant wait to get started on tomorrows world antiageing programme.xx’
Carol. ‘I’m pleased to be starting  my anti-ageing healing on kelly with tomorrows world healing methods. Watch this space. Kelly and her family have been loving warm patient open and have worked with the healing. That makes a big difference. carol everett.

Linda.L Interview

Before and after - Bruises - Alex

“Just to let you know you are completely amazing – all bruises have gone.”
Began to get unexplained
 bruises on my legs. Doctors had no idea. Then I came to you and no more occurrences!” – Alex B, Sanctuary Member.

Sharon B Her experiences with tomorrows world medicine from the healing sanctuary.

Sharon.B  Explains how she came to meet me and how she was assessed for her illnesses without giving up any information but being told everything going on with her health and injuries. She talks about some of the help she has had from new world medicine and healing. Plus help she has had understanding some relationships. 

Sharon and Paul run – Multi  Award winning ‘Butler Landscapes’ based near Shrewsbury.

Health healing using same methods. UK  I have advanced metastatic cancer in both my lungs and have been having chemotherapy to help manage symptoms. I was introduced to Carol and have been sitting in sanctuary for the past few months. I find the sessions deeply deeply relaxing and extremely comforting. I have Carol’s photo printed out on my bedside table and “connect” to Sanctuary most evenings. My cancer is termed “aggressive” but it is presently not only halted but shrinking. My doctor was surprised to continue to see shrinkage after the last scan as he was expecting stability rather than further reduction. I enjoy the peace and reassurance of sitting in sanctuary and I know at a soul level that it is helping my body to heal. Thank you Carol for all that you have done for me. I am more than happy to connect with others if they have any questions and I can help in any way. X x x x

Devi The Dog

“My little dog was examined by the vet and they found several lumps in her abdomen and said she needed surgery , they mentioned they could be cancerous .I called Carol to help and she gave healing before the operation. For me what was amazing was that they only found one lump, it was not cancerous and Devi healed without any pain. We are so grateful” – Denise, Sanctuary member


Paul Hobbs , From Bristol UK


Testimonial.. from  Suraya , Monaco, March 2020. (urgent virus possibility) 

I’ve been seeing Carol for almost a year now and she’s been treating me for LUPUS! During this time, my sessions with Carol have helped a lot with depression, loss of energy, pain and a slowing down of my metabolism and immune system!
She is somehow incredibly in-tune to what my needs are and I always feel a notable difference! I’ll often think of her and a day later she’ll msg me. I’m always amazed at our connection and at this particularly crucial moment, it was no different.
We are currently living through a particular vulnerable and scary time, the Covid-19 Virus has completely taken over our lives and left us feeling terrified for our families and each other. We live in Monaco, sandwiched between France and Italy and we’re acutely aware of the dangers on our doorstep! So when my 5 year old started feeling ill and produced a fever that continued to rise over 24 hours, reaching a high of 40,2 degrees, despite having administered Paracetamol, we panicked! It was too soon to know if it was a flu or the Covid Virus but our panic was real.
At this time I received a message from Carol, telling me about the healing she’ll be doing through the sanctuary! Specifically for this incredibly vulnerable time. I message her back telling her to think of my little boy Carol immediately messaged me and started working on him directly. She checked in with me every 30min and continued to work on him.
An hour later his temperature dropped to 39 degrees. An hour after that it dropped to 38 degrees. During the course of the night it dropped completely and he was able to have a peaceful nights rest. By the next morning it was 38 degrees and slowly came back down to normal temperatures and he has now been free of a fever for 2 days, he also has no other symptoms.
We don’t know what he had and at that time our main concern was his fever. As a parent my only concern is for my sons safety and at a moment of panic, Carol was there for us from both a healing perspective but also as a source of calm and reassurance. At this time I felt so incredibly grateful that I knew her and that she was there.
I’m a Dermatologist and my husband is a Fund Manager. We’re both incredibly rational people and would call Carol for her help in a heart beat. Thank you so much Carol, we really appreciate what you did for us!!!

Baby Charlotte

“My nephew’s daughter, Charlotte was born after a very difficult birth not breathing, distressed and having fits. She was resuscitated, rushed to ITU and  put on life support. My sister emailed me to tell me it had happened the night before , my nephew was too devastated to speak to anyone. She said they were frantic and doctors hoping for the best but that it was very serious. I sent an urgent text to Carol that evening , she was at dinner but dropped everything. Carol asked me for a photo but there were none so asked where Charlotte had been born and the time -she said she had found her . For days Carol gave her very intense healing, but within a short time , about 36 hours after Carol started ,Charlotte began recovering . It was a miracle , even the doctors were amazed. She is now a healthy vibrant little 5 year old.” – Denise, Sanctuary member.

It was back in 2015 I first met Carol , myself and my husband had been trying for a baby for two years .
We had tried/failed many treatments at the hospital and had decided to it would be worth looking into other options.
I booked in for one week of healing with Carol and two months later I was pregnant!! we couldn’t believe it.
I will never be able to thank Carol enough for giving me my beautiful daughter.
I have now joined the sanctuary for stress and anxiety I can honestly say since enrolling on the program I have been able to do so many more activities with my daughter and feel my stress levels are improving a great deal. I am so thankful I met Carol, she is such a kind lady who has an amazing gift.
Thank you Carol”.
Kelly Wilson, Sanctuary member

Video testimonial - Baby Viola

Lyn G. a Healing Experience of sanctuary healing

Lyn.G No1

Lyn.G No2


Lyn.G No3


Lyn Daughter Lisa n1


Lyn.G No4


Lyn.G No5

It was back in 2015 I first met Carol , myself and my husband had been trying for a baby for two years .
We had tried/failed many treatments at the hospital and had decided to it would be worth looking into other options.
I booked in for one week of healing with Carol and two months later I was pregnant!! we couldn’t believe it.
I will never be able to thank Carol enough for giving me my beautiful daughter.
I have now joined the sanctuary for stress and anxiety I can honestly say since enrolling on the program I have been able to do so many more activities with my daughter and feel my stress levels are improving a great deal. I am so thankful I met Carol, she is such a kind lady who has an amazing gift.
Thank you Carol”.
Kelly Wilson, Sanctuary member

Healing Diary

I asked my client to keep a diary throughout distance healing between Spain and England – below are excerpts from this;

“Healing 1 – the first healing was in the middle of September and the next day, as I was going for a quiet prayer walk, I was suddenly filled with the most wonderful sense of calm which almost felt like a huge hand of goodness across my chest. Although it was a grey and misty day it seemed as though the sun was shining brightly. I felt such a strong gratitude for my life. This deeply profound experience I felt was connected to Carol’s care and healing.

Healing 2 – Third week in September. I tuned into Carol’s healing with my hand on her photograph. Within a few minutes i experienced a prickling sensation over my damaged eye like hundreds of tiny pin pricks – not painful but strange. After that I fell into a very deep sleep…for twelve hours.

Healing 3 –In the last session I had my hand again on Carol’s photograph and each finger started to pulsate – a pleasant but surprising sensation –  and I then put my hand over my poorly eye.

On October 8th an eye consultant, checking my eye, said that, although the eye remained scarred, the ulcer had now gone. I obviously do not know for sure that Carol was totally responsible for this recovery, as I have also been involving prayer and various natural forms of medication, but I am sure that something very special was happening to me when she sent healing. So thank you so much Carol.” – Sanctuary Member

“Since Carol has been working on me I have noticed some amazing differences
in my body and appearance. Carol has told me she has been working on my
neurological pathways and in turn this has expanded my chest and I have
grown at least three and a half inches. Carol has also been working on my
teeth which last year were extremely protruding, I feel like I had very
little confidence with my appearance but they are improving all the time
especially since been in the sanctuary, so thankful to Carol.” –
Ben, Sanctuary Member

“I was first introduced to Carol a few years ago .I had been having pain in my knee joints for well over a year and as I worked as a child minder I found the pain was effecting my ability to care for the children in my care.

My daughter who had previously seen Carol booked me in for a week’s session of healing, Carol put me at ease straight away and I felt as if I was talking to a close friend .

By this time I was in extremely bad pain and found it hard to bend down and walking up and downstairs were a nightmare.

For five days I had an hourly session with Carol ,where I would lay on my bed and Carol would work her healing via the laptop in the room .Within two days I could feel my knees were less painful and by the end of my sessions I was walking and bending as if I had never had any problems with my knees.To this day I haven’t had any other problems with my knees and I cannot thank Carol enough ,I really felt as if my working days were drawing to a close but now feel I have many years ahead of me work wise” – Linda Lavelle 

“I had been suffering from terrible pains in my shoulders and knee for about
8 weeks.
I have felt great improvement in my shoulders and knee since joining the
sanctuary, thank you so much Carol for all your wonderful help.” – Tony Lavelle, Sanctuary Member

“I slipped on wooden decking and cut my leg badly on the shin. I had to go to hospital and have stitches. The wound was very slow in healing , so much so the day before the stitches were to be removed I thought I will need to tell the doctor that they cannot be removed yet.

However that afternoon I had a healing with Carol , it was quite intense , I slept really well when I woke up the stitches had come out and my leg was healed -it was truly amazing .” – Denise, Sanctuary Member

See the newer video testimonials and healing experiences below. There is much more content as we can process videos and written descriptions of Sanctuary healing using tomorrows world medicine. The videos here are replaced and will overflow to the testimonial page. Please use the menu link, at top of page.



Tony.L Pt 1


Tony.L Pt2

Tony had healing from Carol few years ago, he had bladder problems. At the time this problem found some relief  quite long term from healing. Prior to that the hospital said an operation would be too complicated and probably cause even more long term problems. At the time five healing sessions had  helped but after some lifestyle disruptions the problem has now partially returned. Tony is working regularly just with the healing sanctuary at this time (apr 2020) and we will see what healing results occur.  PART 2 Describes post healing results over a time, remember doctors said nothing could be done. We are pleased new world medicine could help.

Kim Pt1

Kim Pt2

Kim’s Home course and ballet classes. See Below

Kim Mendez, is a practitioner based in London, much of her time is spent working at a number of top end hospitals there. Kim specialises in Chinese medicine, acupuncture and reflexology and much more. Having gaining the majority of her specialist training in China. She mentions how she met Carol many years ago during what she calls the hale clinic period. Patients she knew Carol had worked on reported back to her with very positive results. Kim tells of specific healing instances Carol worked on with her unique healing techniques.  She also describes help at times Carol has given to her personally.
Coming up. One earlier case was receiving distance healing over 6000 miles away from carol who was in the USA. The patient was gravely ill in a London hospital, not expected to survive the night. The family had distances to travel, they had arranged both a tomorrows medicine healing session with Carol, through Kim and apparently requested a priest for last rights. As soon as the healing session started, as also witnessed by a relative, the machines she was connected to went haywire, readings all over the place. Doctors were called as she had also woken up from an almost comatose state. Nobody could understand what was happening. She was not saved,  it was just too late, but against every single expectation she kept going 2 more days or so while the family could get to her to say goodbye. The family already there said he realised he had witnessed some kind of highly extraordinary and unexplained phenomena,  during Carols healing. 

Kim's home fitness routines in your home, by zoom link, details below. I'm doing these too, love Carol.

Kim Mendez

Kim’s intro to part of the anti ageing program. Home ballet class & toning exercises at home.

Kim is a professional ballet dancer and alternative medical consultant working in prominent London hospitals. She has many years experience of medical and health issues, she has also worked with me on a number of complex patients at certain times both past and present.  I’m following Kims tone up classes myself during lockdown. Kim is alo an accomplished ballet dancer who also appears in many famous London big event ballet productions but she promises to make our anti-aging tone up moves a bit easier to do.  Kim’s mobile number if you are interested in the classes is +447590509219,  best to whatsapp  initially or email to . Kim will provide timetables of courses done at home by zoom video link and details of registering, only low affordable course  fees apply, you can easily pay by paypal