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Please sign up below to join The Healing Sanctuary. We operate on trust that members will  donate what they can and feel is fair value for their daily healing with their own potential health and well being and reflecting personal circumstances. It’s kept to an absolute minimum donation is there monthly (£10) to cover some of the inevitable costs and admin involved. You may feel that to have benefited in health much more significantly yourself than expected. If so you can simply increase your donation a bit, it is always used wisely.  Joining the Healing Sanctuary is your unique opportunity to link with powerful underlying yet dedicated health energies.  The bare minimum donation works out at just £0.32 a day. Not even the cost of buying a drip of coffee in the bottom of a cup. The sanctuary program gives you a full daily 40 minutes allocation of healing link to take in your own specially generated portal for virtual healing, plus it includes your 24/7 background healing. 

You will be able to register for someone not capable if needed to, using your contact details. The donations apply to either Monthly or Annual memberships. Single periods or auto renewable to remain longer.  But Please use the link below.

Please feel free to join the healing sanctuary. Or SEE BELOW.
Just email if needed for any questions direct to .

My PA  at.. 

If you are unsure make
 personal contact initially to make sure you can join correctly. Also after registration you should get a welcome email with more relevant information and some direction. However most of this is included on the Sanctuary site already. If for some reason you don’t get an email or paypal receipt please let me know as soon as possible. Remember to check your junk box first as sometimes items can end up in there.

To actually join the healing sanctuary use the link below, the link takes you to where you will enter your details for your subscription.To register you will need your details and also be able to insert a photo of yourself. This is a simple drag and drop thing and easy to do.

This process is quite simple but any queries should be sent to my pa at the email address above.. There is a Q&A section on the site too. Thank you.


Love from,


Carol x


(paypal :  aka everetthc).