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Join The Healing Sanctuary You can now access a high level and scientifically tested distance healing program available for  you to tap into on a daily basis. It has been tested again under scientific  conditions recently. This time at a healing distance of approx six thousand miles. From Europe to the USA. I am confident in my distance healing and its’s success. It’s available to you each day when registered with The Carol Everett Healing Sanctuary. The information below explains how you can benefit from this powerful distance healing program using tomorrows medicine. Not to be confused with the old absent healing program, this is more concentrated and a more exclusive healing energy. You can tap into it directly at specific times chosen by you to suit your own lifestyle.

What happens in the Healing Sanctuary? The Healing Sanctuary is a special  building where I do all my work at a distance including video calls. It has become a porthole to other higher dimensions that help me to help you. For this to be pure I meditate and have direct access to link in with the healing energy several times a day. Every time I work with people in and out of The Healing Sanctuary the healing energies build up and remain there. If you are sensitive you can actually feel this when entering the building. I can also use The Healing Sanctuary as a gateway for the energies and this is exactly what you tap into during The Healing Sanctuary program times. Reaching this high energy state is something that is of course achievable by others too. But for you to keep the energies going yourself, you must do your part and value the energies that are helping you, with me as a channel. In joining this high energy programme, you are committing yourself to work with these energies. You need to know that the healing sanctuary healing is intensified distant healing and is not to be confused with direct one to one healing such as video link or phone connected healing.

How does the sanctuary healing work for you?
I will explain this as simply as I possibly can. For many years I have been healing at a distance and close up and sometimes using ‘hands on’. I have also developed healing circles in America and London. It’s exactly the same principle, either close up or at a distance. The healing energy remains constant and accumulates wherever energy is being channelled. During a healing circle or meeting I am often working with sensitive people and can feel energies building up in the group as a result. It’s the same with the healing when it happens in the sanctuary, it builds up and is stored, like an accumulator. It means that people are able to partake in the distant healing program at times most convenient to them using the healing sanctuary energies. You decide which times of day suit you best, it need not be exact. During your chosen times think of me or get my picture from the web pages Then concentrate on what you want to be healed and visualise this illness being put in front of me in your mind. The sanctuary ‘porthole’ has been created to catch these illnesses, the higher energies work with this. I somehow have an ability to change these negative energies with the help of the higher energies. The energies reverse negatives and send them back to you as positive healing.
Each person can have as many as five different futures. This is determined by the way we behave and the way that we treat others. Being part of this daily sanctuary healing lifts your vibrations and determines through positive behaviour a better future too. Your thoughts coming to me are energies that I can use to help you. That’s why it’s important that you commit to your time in The Healing Sanctuary. The more people that take part the more energy accumulates in The Healing Sanctuary to be shared among its members. There is a balance and numbers are limited in availability on the sanctuary program. People will join and leave when they feel the time is right.

What to do
. The best times tune in to The Healing Sanctuary is just before you normally go to bed or  have a quiet time in the day. The higher energies don’t like noise or bright lights so make sure you are in a reasonably quiet place. You may feel a temperature change, either really cold or really hot after, but don’t worry about this. Make sure you are in a relaxed state of mind, that no one will disturb you. Slow down your breathing as if you are going to sleep then put your hand on my picture one hand on your head, this only needs to be done to make initial contact. Then relax listen to your favourite music if this helps to relax. I won’t say the actual word meditate because some of you will be put off by this, but deeper relaxing is the main thing. If you fall asleep don’t worry that’s good. I am pleased to be doing this with you. 

What do I do to join? 

You Can follow the link at the bottom of this page or alternatively CLICK HERE to join The Healing Sanctuary. Once you have set up your subscription you will then be emailed to let you know you have been registered with any further instructions. This will request a recent photo of yourself, if you have already uploaded one all ok.  Details of your name, date of birth and what you need to be worked on, mind, body, soul should already have been entered. Although you will not be speaking to me directly at the time of your tuning in to The Healing Sanctuary the higher energies and I will be aware of those who are participating in this program . You will decide on either two sessions of 20 minutes per day or one session of 40 minutes per day approximate times are ok and they are not a strict requirement, just a guide. If you have to change sometimes don’t panic, you are still at one with me healing sanctuary and the higher energies. Thoughts are living things mentally joining at a different time is fine.

You are responsible for making sure that you continue with the program, you will not be sent reminders to to tune in. This is something that you take responsibility for as part of your ongoing commitment to help yourself. Numbers are limited, when you no longer need the program your place can be taken by someone else who may be waiting. The program is to help you get stronger mind, body, and soul. By making the commitment to sit quietly every day with the higher energies at the same times, when possible, is showing your faith and commitment.

I really appreciate all of your support with donations and the testimonials which you take the time to write. The Healing Sanctuary has been a lifetime goal to enable me to reach and help people who cannot afford to see me or are unable to travel to me. I love my Sanctuary and it is brimming over to you, please enjoy. Keep the feedback coming to inspire others to reach out to what is now becoming more and more understood scientifically and no longer, through not enough awareness in the past, being treated as a subject for behind closed doors.

Nb. Keep an eye on the sanctuary as new ‘selfie’ type testimonial videos are being added.


This is not an alternative to regular check-ups with your doctors or specialist.
There is no question and answer service included in the healing sanctuary healing. Feedback of your progress is welcomed by email and used to inspire others. All my time and energy is spent filling up the healing porthole for you to receive energies direct from the healing sanctuary.