Sanctuary International predictions 
17th May 2020

Carol Everett sanctuary predictions. Please note, my predictions are not set in stone, the behaviour of individuals and situations as in life, can lead to a completely different outcome, with intervention. Without intervention there are other possible futures. This is a far reaching vision that is strong, not intended to scare people..

When I sit in the sanctuary meditating, I get messages. Writing on the wall. I scroll down and I just read it as it comes. It doesn’t tend to have full stops, so I have to sense when one message ends and another one begins.

I received this message three weeks ago I wasn’t going to put it out there, because it seemed negative. What I have learnt though, if you know the enemy and what is coming at you then forewarned is forearmed.

There are problems brewing between Russia, China, and Korea, that will affect America, which will then bring in England, eventually. America, New York especially, will have a big crash in economy, stocks, shares and properties.

There will be Nuclear bombs, a big retaliation coming from Russia; Power grabbing taking advantage of economic situation.

Russia is hiding stuff, things coming out will frighten people more than the pandemic, taking over from the corona virus. So, Russia will definitely put a spanner in the works!

Looks like initially it starts off with Russia, China, and North Korea, with a death/end of rein of a high leader.

My feeling is that there will be more ‘off world’ information coming in, proving more and more that there is another dimension that is more closely entwined with us. Over the years, I have had messages which I believed to be from another dimension, that we would call an Alien planet.  Messages come from different dimensions ,depending on what there contents are about and what knowledge I need to receive.

CORONA VIRUS. ? . Ten years ago, on 30 nov 1010,  I relayed a message for a friend on tape, that I had been received in a dream four years earlier around 1996. It was a message saying that people would be walking around with masks on, afraid to breathe. People would be shut inside. Having to have oxygen to breathe.  It looked like people were behind fences, like small places set up, where people were  shutting themselves in away from what was happening outside.  It looked really stressful and chaotic. This was recorded and heard by other people at the time. Could this have been about the corvid-19 corona virus. It is usually big life changing situations  that are seen.

Other dreams and messages have all been about another planet getting nearer.  Telepathically connected to people like me. These dreams go back over twenty yrs now. At the time in the dreams all world leader were getting together talking about this. I didn’t want to get involved I was hiding in my dream behind a wall. Then I heard a voice in my head say you cant hide we can hear you,  thinking you are one of us. Needless to say I kept this to myself for  over twenty yrs, maybe more. Well I don’t care now I am telling the vision as it happened. You can tell half a story, either tell it all or leave it alone

The latest information from this source is that there will be evidence to prove that there is a direct link from Mars.  Plus a tunnel inside from one to another, inside the moon. Through worm holes. Several years ago, I was asked to work with a scientist called Ron Pearson, Rory Duff a mutual friend of us both, set this meeting up in Bristol.

Ron, who has since died, was writing a book. One of the things he was writing about was gravity. He was stuck with this and asked me to get information from a higher source to help him. Why am I mentioning it now? Well, this was the first time I came across the term worm holes, and the black hole personally. Anyway, the help I gave him he later confirmed helped him. I said he had  his maths wrong and pointed to the area where. He wasn’t too happy with me at the time, because he said the ‘source’ was saying his information was wrong. He said I was saying Stephen Hawkins was right, I said  I am  just answering your questions.

I said, ‘With all due respect, 

1) If your information were right, you wouldn’t need me and 

2) Your machine proving gravity would work. Filming was stopped. We have this footage of the meeting and this will shortly be put on the website.

All my work and research seems to be coming together.  Gravity and the place of no time where I go with my mind is now very much a part of my anti ageing and tomorrows world medicine.

I said to Ron that when you understand the information that was given get back to me, then maybe we can continue. Rory was smiling in the background. He knew my work more than Ron from first hand experience. The moral of the story is, I’ve learnt to just say it as it comes. Then wait.

What can we do?

Ask for help on a higher level away from the earth plane.  A higher intervention with positive intervention. We need to start to lift the positive vibrations up, away from the earth’s plane.  

We need to do Meditation, having daily positive thoughts to bring help from another source. It sounds weak but it really isn’t!. I know this has started already in big meditation groups all over the world!

Will we get through this? Yes. but it will take a while. It will be the start of the new world. Sorting out the ‘chaff from the wheat.’

Check out Rory Duff website from a different viewpoint, meditating at certain key points in the world.            


Follow up


For many years I helped people with answers and guidance Sometimes with children. What is their best career to follow. Parents who have listened to this advice have found instead of trying to push a child into something that isn’t good for them they have had a much better outcome. By listening to the advice of a higher energy.  It is the actual path the person takes, decisions made and how they react to information they are given that determines the final outcome. A situation path can be changed completely by a persons behaviour in relationships in all aspects of life. This  latest vision is just a wider example world wide that our behaviour  can determine different outcomes from a situation that is already there. Mass healing, positive thoughts can change a lot of things. Prayer,  meditation, which ever words you want to use start doing it now it cant hurt.

 With the virus

 Sitting with my picture and asking for help from the sanctuary, for tomorrows world medicine. Also following the guidelines you are given by the government cant  hurt can it. So why not. This is something positive you can do now, today and everyday.



 Carol Everett copyright 17.5.2020