Q. When I have my programme booked with you, how do I know when I need more intense one to one healing?
A. If your mind body and soul is maintaining and staying the same or moving up at a steady space then you are obviously getting what you need and, you may not need one to one healing. If, however you are feeling that you are not getting any better, then intense one to one healing, along with a check-up with doctors or specialist before is best. I always recommend you keep your regular blood checks scans and check up with doctors. As soon as you start to feel better this is not the time to stop the daily healing programme it’s a time to keep going. This is a way of life, bodies are like a house they keep needing maintenance all the time to maintain their best and get the best out of them.

Can I ask questions on the Sanctuary program.
A. I can’t answer questions and give direct advice for those on the distant daily Sanctuary Healing Program. I would be sitting here day and night.

You were tested on your abilities In the Denki University and again more recently to look at someone and diagnose what was wrong with them, you have been well known for this, Why don’t you do them anymore.
A. It was twenty years ago and I have always been way ahead of my time with my intuitive medical work. The medicine of the future is nothing like it is now. Doctors diagnosing as they are now do not exit. Treatments are not with drugs, antibiotics or operations as we know now, they do not exist.
The healing and the source that I work with is in unison with health and the well-being of the future.
Therefore to work with today’s methods only knowing what I know is a kind of set-back. All I can do is offer the healing that is in conjunction much more with tomorrow’s methods. The word medicine does not exist, the word diagnosis does not exist, operating theatres as we know them now no longer exist. It is considered barbaric. But this is where you/we are now, so you do have to keep your feet in both camps. Ie The healing world, vs conventional medicine. Taking the benefits of tomorrow’s world healing which is very profound and up front in tomorrow’s health and well-being. Conventional medicine will still be in play for quite a long time. So I will in very exceptional circumstances help with my diagnosis assessment on a medical problem IF it is really needed. Then only if conventional methods cannot find the answer to a problem and you/doctors wish to use and take my assessment into account. My energy healing is designed to balance back the body so its own immune system can wake up again and take over its own healing. Doing the diagnosis to fit in with what is available now takes my mind backwards and away from new research. Once you know something is in your mind. It’s there, you can’t erase it from your mind. You want to go further along that path to progress. You wouldn’t want to be in college degree class and then go back to the nursery school to start again.
Thank you for taking the time to read this look forward to hearing from you.

Once registered, what do you do?


Think of the healing as a breath of fresh air every day from a very pure place. You are responsible for remembering to send donation in every month. You are responsible for sitting in daily to receive healing from the sanctuary. For those that are not capable of doing this like for children the form needs to be written in for them etc. You cannot register someone’s name in for sanctuary healing without their knowledge if they are capable and don’t want to do this, it’s their free will.
Animal healing is the same, but you take responsibility of course. Positive, happy thoughts are important.