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10 Sept 2021–646-595-4274
Link to listen to program initially from start to finish.
The version with control sliders will be added when available. This show, follows up on current cases and special guest Mindi Kane, a uk counsellor. Plus other guests.



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27 Aug 2021

Following up on  tumour  cases and what the immune system once programmed can do to help itself once rogue cells are recognised. Guests talk about their cases. Remember no cure is offered, healing is to help stimulate your own immune system into remission. Tomorrows world medicine will be nothing like we know today.

 6 AUG 2021  …  Guests join me and the theme is Tumour shrinking. Tomorrows world medicine machine in combination with higher dimensional healing.

30 JUL 2021

Here we have guest Sue Knight, CEO of the Confederation of Healing Organisations and Registrar of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners. (brcp). Sue talks about her own healing experiences, how she came to be appointed to her position. Plus information on healing/healer courses you can join, many on line. Plus a couple of ongoing healing case call ins.

 16 JUL 2021    … Reggie from ohio talks about his own sanctuary experiences.

2 JUL 2021    … Rory Duff Geologist Geobiologist talks about intuitive information and how it relates to obtaining completely new information gained from the higher energies.

18 JUN 2021 Turlands personal sanctuary experiences/

4 JUN 2021….. Kim Mendez is a london Harley St practitioner, actually trained in china for chinese medicine, reflexologist, acupuncture specialist.

21 May 2021….. More introduction stuff and what sanctuary is about.

7 May 2021….. Introduction to the program.

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