A series of events, coincidences happening at the same time. A month ago  I didn’t even know how to take pictures on my mobile phone, or send them to people. I learnt how to use the camera on my mobile phone and it opened a whole new chain of events, first as you all saw in the last article light into the sanctuary.

I had asked in my mind for the collective energies that come in around me to help me in the sanctuary to reveal themselves in some way, I have learnt over and over again that thoughts are living things that are listened to on higher levels.

From a small child as soon as I was able to hold a pencil I used to draw angels, When I reached the age of seven I used to draw what I thought were just strange symbols and big eyes, Later I came to realise these drawings and symbols were Egyptian hieroglyphics, I then became very interested in any Egyptian pictures I could see.

Going to secondary school my passion for drawing led me to take extra lessons outside of hours with my art teacher Miss V. I loved going to my art classes, when everyone else was out playing and going to youth club I was sitting on my own with Miss V drawing anything she presented to me. Miss V used to get very excited about my work and said that what I drew and my style was like Leonardo Davinci.

Our  friendship  came to an abrupt end  when I was unable to go to university. Because of my abilities I was secured a place, My home life was very simple and poor and my parents did not encourage me to go to university, I was instead encouraged to leave school early and get a job to contribute to the house hold bills. Had I been a boy it would have been different .In those days boys were encouraged to be the breadwinners and girls to do the bringing up of children and be domesticated.

When my art teacher found out I was leaving school, she was so upset she seized all my art work and locked it in a cupboard forcing me to go and see her and explain, which I did but she was too upset after all the time she spent helping me to forgive me.

Getting back to the point where we are now, Outside my sanctuary is a wall that has been built and plastered, I decided to start drawing pictures on the wall, before this I asked for Leonardo to materilise in same way in the sanctuary to prove he was there to help me. This was  a couple of weeks  ago. I took a photo in The Sanctuary to see if I could see Leonardo’s face over mine but nothing happened. I had put the thought out there but it doesn’t always happen as we think.

My husband and I decided to go to a restaurant that we hadn’t been to for a long time. We struck up a conversation with the  waitress I knew by sight but not in person, because of my excitement of learning to use mobile phone and take pictures this was how the conversation went;

There are apps that you can use to put a filter over someones face  to change their gender, I had heard about this the week before as well, The young girl said let me show you, took my photo and it changed from a womans face to a mans, When I looked at the face, straight away I said to the girl it made me think of Leonardo Davinci, I said I would go home and check it and send it to her. She said if there was similarities she would verify she had taken the picture.

I went on google saw a picture of Leonardo, I asked my daughter to cut and paste and put the two pictures together.

We went shopping today, I wanted to get some solar lights for the garden, I wasn’t in the mood for shopping it was  boiling hot but really wanted to get the lights so pushed myself to do it. As I came out of the shop I bumped into the girl from the restaurant, We laughed as we hadn’t seen on another for ages then bumped into one another twice in one week.

This prompted me to follow up with the pictures again, I showed her the pictures on screen she said to send them again properly, when I got home she had texted me and said she couldn’t believe it, I asked for a sign from Leonardo, ok it wasn’t as I thought but its still there.

So here we are a series of events all coming together through higher   intervention , Power of mind,  positive thoughts and coincidence. Well I took it as another sign that I will  be helped to draw the pictures on the sanctuary wall with the higher collective energies.

The day before I brought some new paints for the sanctuary wall, so here we go the proof is in the pudding is in the eating so lets see how I get on with the paintings that I of course will share with you. Along with the other energies that are coming in around to help with the sanctuary healing and creativity.

Have a look at the photo at the bottom of this article with the filter next to Leonardo and see what you think.

I believe collective energies are helping me, Einstine, Leonardo Davinci, Edgar Caycee and other higher energies of a different lifesource on other planets, the unknowables. There are nine dimensions I link to, the last two are not measurable. Your brain has to travel faster than the speed of light to be a part of the 8th and 9th dimension . According to the higher dimensions that I work with, the scientific testing on my healing from Spain to America showed that my brain can do this.

Look forward to hearing your comments

Carol xx

Photo of me with “man filter” and portrait of Leonardo

Heres one of my latest artworks – style in which my art teacher felt was like Leonardo all those years ago.

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